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Lawmaker wants students to be as uninformed about sex as he is…

11:06 AM EST on February 23, 2024

If you ask me, we should have some sort of rule or law in place that limits the ability of lawmakers to introduce legislation in areas and topics where they have no formal training or experience.  

For example, if you’re going to write laws that address banking, you should either have some sort of banking experience or at least be massively in debt to a bank.

If you’re going to write laws about marijuana, you should probably have consumed, bought, or sold marijuana.

And if you’re going to write a law that would change the way sex education is taught in Oklahoma, you should probably know something about sex.

I bring this up because State Rep. Danny Williams – an ancient old man who looks like he last had sex in 1947 – is tossing his hat into the culture war fights and trying to rewrite how sex education is taught in Oklahoma.

Via Channel 25:

An Oklahoma lawmaker is trying to change the entire process of teaching sex education, by mandating what has to be emphasized and what can't be taught.

Rep. Danny Williams introduced his Parents Bill of Rights, which gives full responsibility to parents when it comes to teaching their children sex education.

The bill requires parents to opt-in to the curriculum taught in public schools, instead of the current policies of opting-out.

"I think parents should have to opt-in because a lot of times people aren't paying attention, notes get taken home, they're not looking at everything in detail," Rep. Williams, (R)-Seminole said.

Yeah, that’s not awkward or anything. 

“Dad, will you sign this form so I can learn about sex at school?”

Seriously, how about we keep school permission slips limited to excursions to zoos and science museums only?

Just because some ancient prudes out there only want their kids to learn about sex from friends, pop culture and Internet pornography doesn’t mean everyone else should be forced to have awkward, unwanted breakfast table conversations with their children about sex ed.

Those discussions should be saved for long drives into the country, or at least delegated to the other parent! 

In addition to making sure kids know as little about the birds and bees as possible, it appears Williams's motivation behind the bill was to fight the the LGBTQ gender culture war, and ignore consent:

While the bill specifically requires sexual education to emphasize abstinence outside of marriage and promote heterosexual relationships, the attention in the House Committee revolved around teaching kids consent, which is not addressed in the bill's language.

"Why would we not want anyone to understand consent?" Rep. Nick Archer said, explaining that as a father of a young girl, the notion of consent is extremely important to him.

Democrats agreed, arguing that this curriculum would push certain values instead of give parents the choice on education.

First of all. I’m actually okay with abstinence-only sex education being taught in public schools, but only if it’s part of a course on ancient mythologies. 

Second, I guess we probably shouldn't be surprised that an Oklahoma lawmaker ignored the whole “consent” part of sex education.

Whether they’re trapping female colleagues in restaurant booths and forcing them to watch porn, or simply hanging out in a south-side motel room smoking weed with an underage prostitute before engaging in a little sex stuff, consent is something they ignore in real life, too. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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