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Red Lobster shrimp fan shamed by OKC media…

10:57 AM EST on February 20, 2024

Yesterday afternoon, the OKC Police Department teamed up with the metro broadcast news media to issue its first-ever “Scampi Alert” after a woman allegedly threw a massive tantrum and walked her tab at a local Red Lobster, all because the restaurant wouldn’t let her take home its Endless Shrimp Feast™. 

A remarkably clear photo of the woman along with details of the incident – the prawny provocateur apparently smashed plates, tossed tartar sauce, and insulted the wait staff before floating away – was shared on OKCPD socials and quickly aggregated by all four OKC broadcast news channels.

For example:

Before you could say “Another round of Walt’s Shrimp, please!” the woman – who goes by the street name Hush Puppy McGee – was quickly identified: 


Police have learned the identity of a woman sought in connection with an incident stemming from an "endless shrimp policy" at an Oklahoma City restaurant.

On Monday, the Oklahoma City Police Department posted a picture of a woman they say got into an argument with waitstaff late last week at a restaurant near Memorial and May. Police said the argument was about the restaurant's "endless shrimp" policy that wasn't truly endless.

Police said the woman allegedly smashed plates on the ground and became verbally aggressive with employees, according to police.

First of all, for the sake of all Olive Garden employees, let’s hope this lady never hears about their Never-Ending Pasta Bowl! That could get extra messy!

Second, I should clarify that the police and media didn’t specify that the incident happened at Red Lobster. This was probably because they didn’t want to further shame and embarrass the woman, but…

As a guy who’s endured many Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Feasts with his grandmother (RIP Grandma!) over the years, I recognize those ugly booths anywhere! There's no if's, and's, or terrible seafood about it – that’s Red Lobster.

Anyway, I don’t want to condone what this woman did or make excuses for her, but is it really fair to broadcast her face all over the Internet just because she lost her cool and had a meltdown when she learned she wouldn’t be able to take home some rich, buttery and rubbery Red Lobster shrimp?

In a way, I can’t blame her for getting mad. 

Red Lobster never gets stingy with the endless Cheddar Bay biscuits – sometimes, servers will even bring you a couple of extra with a to-go box! – so why would employees act like managers of the Jerk Store and suddenly care about how much shrimp someone wants to take home to eat?

I mean, this is Red Lobster shrimp we’re talking about. I think they have plenty to go around. If anything, they should be paying you to take it home and eat it!

But, alas, rules are rules, and the regulations of Endless Shrimp are pretty clear. No matter how bad the shrimp is, you can only eat it on-site and on-premise, and if you complain about it or cause a scene, Red Lobster will make sure you get outted as a customer by the police and local media. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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