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Ryan Walters likes some meat in his mouth…

Earlier this week, the attention seekers at PETA – the animal rights group that seems to do more harm than good with its stupid publicity stunts – issued a press release calling for all Oklahoma classrooms to display their Ten Vegan Commandments.

They did this in response to the stupid theocratic 10 Commandments pander-bill that was introduced by State Rep. Jim Olsen, R-Roland. Remember that?

I guess PETA’s contrived play for attention reached the dunce hat wearers who run the State Department of Education. 

As part of their continued effort to do moronic stuff for earned media publicity, they rushed to McDonald’s so Ryan Walters could stuff some meat in his mouth in the most awkward way possible on video.

Check this out:

I don’t ask for a lot in this world. I’m just a simple man who writes words on the Internet for a million or so people a year, but can someone at the Harbor Mountain Coffee House please please please please please please issue a press release asking for Oklahoma classrooms to display the 10 Commandments of coffee roasting?!

Like, pretty please, with vanilla and whipped cream and a caramel swirl on top? I’ll do whatever you ask to make this happen, just as long as it doesn’t have to do with driving to McAlester. 

In other news, could there be a less convincing meat eater on this planet than Ryan Walters?

He was being way too gentle and nice when placing those heat-lamped discs of animal flesh, processed spoiled cow's milk, and carbo-pads into his mouth. It was almost like he wanted to nibble and caress the burger rather than devour it like a hungry carnivore!

Just look at how he looked at it:

Also, I like how he says “The burgers are great here in Oklahoma” while sucking on McDouble.

Uhm, I’m pretty sure those taste the same everywhere, genius!

At last check, Ryan is the State School Superintendent of Oklahoma. You know, the state that’s the namesake of the famed Oklahoma Onion Burger! Next time, send your intern two blocks farther down NW 23rd to Tucker’s and show the PETA quacks what’s truly up!

Then again, most of Ryan's PR and Leadership team either lives or works in Texas, so they probably didn't know about Oklahoma's connection to burger greatness. Womp womp.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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