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News 9 still struggling with switch to automation…

10:15 AM EST on February 5, 2024

Let’s not bow down to our future robot overlords quite yet!

It’s been over a year since “Oklahoma’s own” News 9 laid off most of its own Oklahoma production staff in favor of automated tools and robotic operators, and, well, it looks like they’re still struggling to figure things out

We obtained via the Ogle Mole Network video of News 9 anchor Sylvia Corkill getting visibly upset and frustrated during this past Saturday night’s 6pm news. 

According to our Mole, Sylvia was hit with a coughing attack at the beginning of the broadcast which, I assume, caused whichever Homer Simpson was overseeing the production robots to hit the wrong emergency relief valve or something. 

I guess this threw off the automated timing of the teleprompter and left a visibly angry and directionless Sylvia to figure things out on the fly, and – rather unsuccessfully – try to improv her way through the news. 

Check this out:

Yikes! Hell hath no fury like a TV anchorwoman scorned! She looks like she just spent 10 minutes in the Braum’s drive-thru only to get soggy french fries and the wrong burger! 

Sylvia’s perturbed “I’m going to feed whoever’s responsible for this to Joe Exotic’s tigers” death gaze is a stark contrast to the befuddled “Where are we, coach?” reaction Dean Blevins had when the robots broke down on him.

Remember that?

For what it’s worth, that’s also the reaction Dean has when Braum's screws up his order.

Anyway, you’d think after 14 months that News 9 – and Tulsa’s News on 6 – would have figured out their new production system.

It’s similar to the ones they use on all the other channels, and unless I’ve missed the funny blooper clips, Channels 4, 5, and 25 are able to air the news without anchors feeling the need to give dirty looks to their few remaining viewers. 

Who knows – maybe it’s time for “Oklahoma’s own” news channel to hire actual Oklahomans to produce the news again. Then again, bloopers like this are about the only reason to watch the news anymore, so maybe they should stick with it.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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