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Stitt defies own travel ban to accept award in California…

Way back in January of 2020, a month or two before modern life as we know it changed forever, Governor Kevin Stitt issued an order banning any non-essential state-funded travel to California for all Oklahoma state employees.

The reasoning was that California had banned all state-funded travel to Oklahoma in 2016 in response to our anti-LGBTQ laws, and since pettiness and pandering always rule the day in politics, Stitt figured we might as well do the same thing to them.

Well, that is unless you win an award.

Recently, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt violated the spirit of his California travel ban when he flew out to The Golden State to accept an award for all the hard work he’s done violating a woman’s bodily autonomy and her rights to make her own deeply private and personal healthcare decisions.

Check this out:

First of all, let me speak on behalf of the entire animal kingdom when I say that, yes, sea turtle eggs are way more important – and should have many more protections – than microscopic human embryos in the early stages of gestation.

At last check, sea turtles aren't overpopulating the planet, destroying its habitability, or infringing on the reproductive rights of other turtles. We could use way more sea turtles entering this world than screw-up humans who were forced into it because their moms couldn’t get an abortion.

I don’t know who paid for the Governor – along with his family, his security detail, and any other tag-along staffers – to fly to California, rent a cheap tuxedo, and accept this award, but does that even matter?

Leaders lead by example, while hypocrites preach one thing and practice another, eroding trust and integrity in the process. Sure, Stitt’s already eroded most of the trust and integrity people had in the Governor’s office, but it’s still frustrating to watch it all play out in real time.

Then again, maybe Ole’ Stitter figured it was okay to go to California after the state quietly lifted its Oklahoma travel ban in September. Just like most wealthy, entitled, fish-out-of-water politicians, Stitt has never been much for rules and procedure, so he probably figured Oklahoma’s ban ended when California's did.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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