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TLO Restaurant Review: Sunnyside Diner

10:02 AM EDT on July 11, 2023

The most maligned meal has to be breakfast.

For many years, so-called experts have claimed it's the most “important meal of the day,” but for me, that importance is usually marked by a quick, nutritional breakfast shake that holds me over until lunch – the meal that I personally believe to be the most important meal of the day.

But, I am now trying more breakfast meals and kind of dig the brawny gruff morning vibes they deliver, so I thought I'd stop by Sunnyside Diner – located on the edge of downtown at 916 NW 6th St. – and see what they have to offer.

Even though it was damp and gray outside when I stopped by last Friday, the crowd inside was pretty palpable, omitting feel-good breakfast vibes and soothing background chatter. The cheery Sunnyside mural on the back wall gave the place a post-modern feel, basking the eatery in a new-wave retro aesthetic.

With my steady ladyfriend in tow, we shook off the raindrops and grabbed some seats near the counter. After being delivered a steaming cup of jolting coffee—my main drug of choice—we placed our orders.

My desayuno darling had the lump-free Biscuit Debris ($11.99) – an open-faced biscuit layered with cheddar cheese, sausage gravy, poached eggs, jalapeños, and fried chicken. Now that sounds like a good time, all the time!

This kitchen sink concoction is triumphant in its simplicity: all the best breakfast items are placed fluffy in a sumptuous biscuit enclosure, with results being truly mind-boggling. The sausage gravy and poached eggs do a lot of heavy lifting, but, in the end, the fried chicken is so mouth-watering it couldn’t be helped.

For my own breakfast, the (supposed) King of Rock and Roll is back with the Fat Elvis Cakes ($11.99)! It’s a short stack of loaded pancakes topped with fresh bananas, bacon, candied pecans, and a hunka-hunka peanut butter, served with warm syrup.

This was a testament to Elvis’s timeless music and massive weight gain because I am sure it put a few more pounds on myself!

The iconic taste of ludicrous sandwiches and down-home flapjack are here, creating a perfect storm in my mouth. The hotcakes were above-standard, the peanut butter was super-smooth, and the candied pecans were a good treat. Maybe we could double-date with Honeybunny’s Velvet Elvis this weekend?

With my breakfast a rousing success, we decided on a 10 a.m. movie, Asteroid City. Even though Sunnyside was still packing in people in as we left, the crowd at the picture show was nearly nonexistent…and, I have to say, luxurious.

Although I'm still not sure breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Sunny Side does a great job making sure it tastes good. Plus, it gets you up early and helps beat the crowd at the movie theatre. Nothing wrong with that!

Cómpralo ya!


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