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TLO Restaurant Review: Rainbow Bistro

Although it's always done a splendid job representing LGBTQ-friendly bars, nightclubs and coffee shops masquerading as Christian youth groups for the OKC counter-culture, the "gaybourhood" on 39th and N. Penn has always seemed underrepresented when it comes to having a good sandwich shop.

That is until now.

Last week, a bisexual cohort and I stopped in for a lazy lunch with an empty belly at Rainbow Bistro, 2215 NW 39th #300 – a new sandwich shop that features freshly made sandwiches and soups, and shows real pride in their work.

With comic books on the walls in between semi-undressed modern art, we ordered off the menu and quickly had our food brought out.

For an appetizer, we had the edible art of the Soft Pretzel with Beer Cheese and Dusseldorf Mustard ($9.00). If you're expecting something drab and boring like you'd find at Auntie Anne’s, you are in for a rude awakening! T

More than just a pretzel, it was a truly baked treat that gave me the vapors with every sustainable bite; very large, very pillowy, and very tasty, it almost made me forget my entrée! For a $9 pretzel, that should probably be the case.

For her entree, my plus-one ordered the Hot Mess ($12.00), and it was anything but!

A hearty mix of salami, ham, and provolone with Italian olive salad tapenade, it was packed inside a toasted muffuletta that left me outuvbreatha. She also had a side of macaroni pasta salad, just to be very nice.

Served with a dipping sauce, it is quite the experience—but a very good one!  Kind of the right spicy, the salami and ham were exceptional and made even better by the melty provolone cheese. Overall, the sandwich is an incredible concoction with the macaroni salad working the pier in its off hours.

For my main meal, I had the Drama Queen ($12.00), which I dedicated to all the women I've dated over these past few years. It’s a classic red Rueben sandwich, complete with homemade cabbage, pastrami, Swiss, and homemade pink unicorn sauce, all heaped on toasty rye.

With Helga’s German potato salad on the side, it was a truly magnificent creation! A fully immersive sandwich, the seasoned pastrami stole the show, swimming with the pink unicorn sauce to release a glitter bomb of flavor in my mouth.

As I took multiple bites from this magical lunch, the Rainbow Bistro continued to give me good vibes aplenty, as well as a great lunch. There is no end to this rainbow!

Cómpralo ya!


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