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Ryan Walters was a Swiftie!

An Ogle Mole sent us some pics of Ryan Walters snapped way before he was a diabolical State Superintendent of Public Education.

Here’s something Ryan Walters may have a hard time shaking off! 

We recently obtained via the Ogle Mole Network some photos of Oklahoma State Superintendant Ryan Walters that were snapped long before he was a bathroom-obsessed right-wing troll hell-bent on destroying public education, and was a simple little broseph with a crush on young starlets.

Check out this comedy:

That’s wild! I guess we finally know the man who inspired the hit Taylor Swift breakup song – “That’s not my kitty litter in the bathroom.”

Okay, I’m joking around. 

I don’t think Taylor has a song by that name, but you have to admit it’s funny to see that a young man who claims he’s “where woke goes to die” was once an aspiring member of Taylor Swift's Squad.

Sadly, I think Ryan’s days as a Taylor Swift fan are long gone, and they are never getting back together

While Ryan’s brain has been warped by right-wing Evangelical hate, propaganda, and indoctrination, Taylor Swift has evolved into a tolerant and accepting person that does the types of things that Ryan would like to make illegal...

That sound just heard was the driver’s side door of Ryan Walters's SUV slamming shut as he either A) played “You Belong with Me" and cried or B) filmed a social media video vowing to ban Taylor Swift music from being played at any Oklahoma public school. 

Knowing he’s a hypocrite, it could also be both.

In addition to the Taylor Swift photo, the Ogle Mole also sent this photo of Ryan and an unidentified male friend posing for a pic on a bench:

That’s sweet. 

I’m pretty sure I speak for all heterosexual men who were under the age of 30 during the aughts when I say…

1. I also had that same exact pair of flip-flops. 

2. It was totally cool and common for a buddy to casually place his hand gently on my thigh when posing for photos. 

3. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Seriously, it will be interesting to see who Ryan fires at the State Department of Education for letting that pic get out.

Here’s one more pic:

Now that is the god-fearing, gun-loving Ryan Walters we all know and love! The only thing he’s missing is some of Knuckle’s cowboy boots to go with those soft and fancy shorts!

I wonder what he was shooting at in the photo? Librarians? Teacher Unions?? Joe Biden left-wing indoctrination CRT training manuals??? Who knows!

Anyway, I’d like to thank the Ogle Mole Network for submitting these charming photos from Ryan Walters's past. If you have any pics you’d like to share of Ryan Walters, or any other deranged right-wing Oklahoma politician, shoot us an email. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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