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Tulsa King recap: “Adobe Walls” (Ep. 1.8)

It's another week of Tulsa King – the Oklahoma-centric story about a Mafia capo, freshly rehabilitated and out of prison, finding himself in the world of Tulsa’s (somewhat) criminal underground.

When we last left our protagonist Dwight, we learned about bitcoin and how to dump the body of a white supremacist. Meanwhile, Stacy’s informant is killed, Dwight finds a new gal, and the Mafia family gets some new blood.

Now let's move on to...

Episode: "Adobe Walls" (Ep. 1.8)

The Plot: While getting in some target practice with his newly adopted Oklahoma crime family, Dwight (Sylvester Stallone) apologies for his previous code of behavior. That’s good, because the revamped Mafia family from back East is making its way to Oklahoma City Tulsa for, it looks like, revenge.

After the crooked cops are told by Dwight to go to Hell, the white supremacist motorcycle club is arrested for a myriad of reasons, with the leader Caolan (Ritchie Coster) taking out ATF agent Stacy (Andrea Savage), shot-gunned right in the, apparently, chest. Ouch!

The Review: The first season of Tulsa King looks to be winding down, and I am here for it. Between the organized crime family from New York and the white-trash motorcycle gang from Tulsa, Dwight's taking on a two-front war that promises a lot of excitement and hopefully more car chase scenes around downtown OKC.

While I would normally pick the Mafia to make it out of the war okay, don’t let these white supremacist gang members down for the count. Even though the Mafia has a so-called code, these trashy Oklahoma racist play rough. I hope Dwight takes them out one by one and then we get to the New York garbage!

The other big development is the (possible) murder of Stacy. I saw her character making it out of the series in one piece, and that gave me a moment of pause and left a bullet-shaped hole in my heart. Even worse, Dwight sexually advanced on Stacy before shots were fired! Who wants that?

Best Line: “Maybe it don’t hunt, but it fucking bites…”– Dwight Manfredi

Stallone Moment: Stallone telling a couple of crooked cops to fuck themselves.

Oklahoma City Cameo: While the cameo at Tyson’s residence has been done before, Dwight threatened the crooked cops at an inner-city street around, I believe, a liquor store at NW 10th.


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