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Tulsa King Recap: “Stable” (Ep. 1.6)

It's another week of Tulsa King – the Oklahoma-centric streaming story about a Mafia capo, freshly rehabilitated and out of prison, finding himself in the world of Tulsa’s (somewhat) criminal underground.

When we last left our protagonist Dwight, he was out for blood after his daughter dropped some revelations about a betrayal. Meanwhile, Tyson and Bodhi are on the radar of both the white supremacists and ATF.

Now let's move on to...


Episode: "Stable" (Ep. 1.6)

The Plot: As the mafia family feels the brunt of Dwight’s (Sylvester Stallone) rage, his daughter is made a target. After harassing phone calls are made, her husband is taken down by a street thug. Back in Tulsa, Dwight has a meeting with the white-trash dirt mafia. Outside of some classic Stallone tough-guy talk, nothing is accomplished.

An informant gives Stacy (Andrea Savage) information about Dwight that she tries to pass to him. She asks for Dwight to take things down a notch, and he promptly dumps her. Bohdi (Martin Starr) is then taken by the authorities and questioned, and he tells the law to shove it.

The Review: This is a more of a dramatic episode, filled with heavy doses of talkative exposition as opposed to thrilling nonstop action. The scene where Dwight meets with the Tulsa white supremacists is tense, but it really doesn’t amount to much.

Although it takes place in the episode's bookends, I am really digging the father-daughter dynamic between Dwight and Tina (Tatiana Zappardino). The storyline really plays in on the redemption angle of this tale, especially the idea of justifiable vengeance, and provides a respite from watching Dwight running around totally cocked up.

In this episode, Margaret (Dana Delany) – a pretty and powerful horse stable owner – is formally introduced. I wonder how she plays into Dwight’s plan to reconcile Stacy’s unrequited crush on him? Despite Stallone pushing 76 years, is a geriatric romantic triangle emerging? Perhaps Tulsa King might show us something a bit different and turn into a full-fledged centenarian love story!

Probably not, but a man can dream.

Best Line: “I detect, correct me if I’m wrong, a slight lilt in your voice, kind of like the Lucky Charms leprechaun, that tells me you’re not exactly a Native American…” - Dwight

Stallone Moment:  Stallone spelling out what’s going to happen to the white supremacists in the industrial barn, in condescending detail.

Oklahoma City Cameo: With the exception of previously mentioned locales, there was nothing I was aware of this week. But, if I am wrong, let me know in the comments.


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