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Mike Gundy has hard feelings over end of Bedlam football…

3:37 AM EDT on September 23, 2022

Earlier this week, something called The Action Network reported the obvious news that the Bedlam football "rivalry" – term used loosely – will end when OU joins the financially lucrative and more competitive waters of the SEC in the next couple of years or so.

Even though anyone with common sense knew that was going to happen, the report made the rounds on message boards, Twitter, and sports radio, thanks to comments by OU and OSU's athletic directors that tried to casually place blame on the other side for the dissolution of the extremely non-competitive and one-sided rivalry.

I guess this made Mike Gundy salty, so in the week media outlets from all across the country celebrated the 15th anniversary of his 40-year-old man rant, he stood in front of reporters to deliver a more subdued and meandering statement on the matter.

First of all, I like how Mike Gundy always looks like he just finished a poker run at an Oklahoma lake whenever he addresses the media.

Second, when someone says "No hard feelings" multiple times in a rambling statement while whining about how their big brother abandoned them for a richer and better family, I'm pretty sure that means there are lots and lots and lots of "hard feelings."

In all honesty, I can't blame Mike Gundy and OSU for being salty over the matter. Although not playing OU each season will do wonders for Gundy's career and the OSU football program, OU is their main rival, and although OSU's series with Tulsa has been more competitive and balanced than Bedlam over the years, the Cimmarron Pottery Turnpike Rivalry doesn't have the same luster and allure.

That being said, I think Mike should be more positive about all this and not blame OU for doing the same thing that OSU would have done if the planets aligned and the SEC invited them to the conference.

In fact, here are five reasons why Bedlam ending is a good thing for Oklahoma...

1. No more Bedlam shirt day at the office...

2. OSU can finally win a Big 12 title

3. Jason White can begin work on his new clothing retail concept – Jason White's House Unified

4. OU fans don't have to worry about losing to little brother once every 10 years

5. Things will be less awkward when Mike hires Cale...

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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