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Oklahoma named Top 10 State for Road Rage

2:52 PM EDT on September 14, 2022

Here's some news that will shock and surprise absolutely no one. Well, kind of.

Thanks to the hard work of Oklahoma First Lady Sarah Stitt, Oklahoma is a Top 10 State for "Worst Road Rage."

Here are the details via KOKH Fox 25:

A new study finds that Oklahoma drivers rank fourth in the country for the worst road rage.

The Forbes Advisor team analyzed 10 different metrics from a survey of 5,000 U.S. drivers.

"Drivers in the Sooner State were the third most likely in the nation to say that another driver has exceeded the speed limit just to block their car from changing lanes (43%)," the Forbes Advisor team said in its findings. "Oklahomans also frequently reported being tailgated (66%), honked at (69%), and being the recipient of rude or offensive gestures (52%)."

Utah drivers were found to have the worst road rage. Missouri, Colorado and New Mexico also rounded out the top 5.

At first I was puzzled how we weren't number one this, but then I realized motorists in Utah have to deal with all those Mormon kids taking up extra lanes on their bicycles. You have to admit, that would get old after a while.

That being said, Colorado topped us? You'd think all the laid-back stoned drivers would balance out the angry motorists stuck behind the stoned drivers. Maybe the non-stoned ones should smoke a bowl or two?

As I mentioned in the first sentence, these results shouldn't surprise anyone. It always seems like we have some story making the rounds around here about a guy trying to run someone off I-35, a dude throwing bricks at a mom for taking too long in drive-thru, or my personal favorite, a group of motorcycling OSU frat brahs getting their asses kicked by back-country rednecks.

In fact, I recently had my own personal experience with road rage.

I was driving down I-40 to meet with our pals at Grand Casino in Shawnee a few weeks ago during a heavy rain storm. I was on the eastern edge of town near Tinker.

As I was passing a semi-truck in the far left lane, probably going about 65 miles per hour or so, some lady in a hurry whipped in behind me in a 2012 Hyundai Elantra or whatever and started tailgating me.

Naturally, I did what any Oklahoma motorist would do. I slowed down a tad, taking all the leisurely time in the world to pass the semi. it was raining after all.

I couldn't see too well out my back window because of the rain, but the impatient lady in the Elantra hit the brakes, veered behind the semi, and moved over to the far right lane to pass the long-hauler.

Right as I cleared the front of the truck, I looked over my right shoulder to see where the Hyundai was, and if Sarah Stitt was driving, and noticed the car was exiting the highway. I then saw the lady yelling at me and flipping me off. Sadly, it wasn't Sarah Stitt.

Anyway, I then smiled real big, waved and flipped her off too, and continued my drive to Shawnee.

So yeah, I'm not surprised we're a Top 10 State for road rage, but thanks to that hard work and efforts of me and the First Lady. I am disappointed we're not #1.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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