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Download TLO’s unofficial Oklahoma State Fair Bingo Cards!

9:20 AM EDT on September 14, 2022

It's hard to believe, but it's been 8 years(!) since we discontinued our wildly popular Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest – a deep-fried and hysterically mean reader-submitted photo competition that honestly and accurately documented the real Oklahoma State Fair in its trademarked trashy glory like nothing before or after, providing us with Pulitzer-worthy photos like this...

See what I mean? Amazing stuff!

With the Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest long discontinued (Editor's Note: TLO Subscribers can view all the old photos in our archives), we've come up with a new, less-inspired way for our readers to have some side fun while people-watching at the fair – the unofficial Oklahoma State Fair Bingo Card!

Basically, we took 40 signature sights and sounds from the fair and scattered them at random onto some bingo cards. Whether you want to have a contest with friends, or you're simply looking for a way to pass time while waiting in line at the cinnamon roll, TLO's unofficial Oklahoma State Fair Bingo Card is the perfect way to make your trip to the fair fun and memorable.

You can download and print cards by clicking on the following PDF, or printing the following gifs.

If you take a card to the fair and get a straight line or diagonal bingo, please email us the card along with photographic evidence of each item. If it's legit, we'll provide you with complimentary three-month TLO Membership! If you get a full blackout bingo, we'll give you a free year!

Live Human Birth
Bench Wedgie
Affliction Shirt
Man Selling Bootleg DVDs
Passed Out Carnie
Person Vomiting on Ride
OU Tramp Stamp
Couple Sitting in Empty Hot Tub
Person Wearing Overalls & Straw Hat Unironically
Face Tattoo
Bedazzled Jeans
Heat Stroke Victim
Used Syringe in Bathroom Stall
Kevin Stitt Judging FFA Heifer Comp
People watching Ginsu knife presentation
White sticky substance on napkins that's hopefully from Cinnamon Roll
Vulgar T-Shirt
Creepy Bird
Turkey Leg Bone on Pavement
Salt Water Taffy Machine
Confederate Flag
Rascal Scooter Wreck
Broken Down Ride
Person Double Fisting Corn
Man Carrying Giant Stuffed Animal
Sweat Stains On Shorts
Drunk Woman Laying Down Eating Corndog
Jorts and Boots
Pregnant Woman Smoking
Ankle Monitor
Live Arrest
American Flag Shirt
TV News Personality Signing Autographs
World's Smallest Horse
Car in Parking Lot With Busted Out Windows
Old Man Looking for Monorail
Man With Powder Sugar and/or Meth on Face

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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