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Law and Order

The Drunk Ogle arrested in Tulsa…

As the go-to news source for all things Ogle, we have some disturbing news to report.

Yesterday afternoon, Tulsa news queen Lori Fullbright reported that James Ogle – a.k.a. The Drunk Ogle – was arrested for his 4th DUI in eight years after he briefly eluded the Tulsa cops on Wednesday night.

Here are the details:

First of all, why didn't the Tulsa PD chase this drunk clown onto the highway? I thought it was Oklahoma Law Enforcement protocol to escalate these already dangerous situations and risk the lives of even more people! The folks at the Oklahoma Highway Patrol must be shaking their heads in total disgust!

Anyway, I don't know if James is directly related to the Oklahoma City news Ogles, but now that he's brought even more shame to the family name, I don't think the Oklahoma legal system – and/or cirrhosis of the liver – is the biggest thing he has to worry about!

According to legend, all Ogles come from the same bloodline and share a common lineage, and they're very protective of their family's name and reputation.

Knowing that, I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin has already directed Kent to send out ravens alerting other great Ogle Houses across the realm about this disgraceful incident, and scheduled a tribunal of elders at Camp Latebreaking to determine their own form of punishment.

Basically, if I was James, I would be scared... very scared. I'd also be gathering up all the Oreos in the world to try to win Kevin's favor.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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