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Kevin Ogle tweets funny cocaine Oreo joke…

I'm always down for a good Twitter joke, so I couldn't help but chuckle when I saw the following tweet from Kevin Ogle while doom-scrolling through one of my burner accounts.

I should note, I saw the tweet on a burner account because Kevin Ogle – Lord of The Ogle Citadel and Keeper of the Sacred Family Runestones – blocked us on Twitter years ago.

Check it out:

He also shared it on Facebook, where it got an equally strong reaction:

That's pretty funny. The two things people in TV news love most are cocaine and sugar, so kudos to Kevin for coming up with a joke that connects everything together! Solid work! Maybe the next time Emily Sutton uses Oreo's to explain winter weather, she'll bring some cocaine on set to mimic snow!

I scrolled through the replies hoping to see Kent Ogle reply with an "I don't use Oreo's, but I love to smell them" or Kelly Ogle respond with a "Watch it, bub! That's dangerous!", but they were all radio silent.

That being said, Mike Morgan – the guy who ignores the top two buttons on his slick going-out shirts – did chime in with this:

Yep, wipe it out Kev. Why do I get the feeling Mike has told Kevin that before, probably while wearing a captain's hat and riding around Mighty Casey during the annual Mike and Marla Morgan Spring Jubilee?

Anyway, over the years Twitter has grown into a terrible, humorless place. I'd like to thank Kevin for keeping things light and fun. Maybe he can unblock us on the TLO Official so we can get more of his jokes?

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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