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Ryan Walters tracks down dirty drawings in school library!

After a long and exhaustive search using the latest technology in incognito browsers, right-wing Oklahoma Brocetery of Education – Ryan Walters – finally found a dirty book in an Oklahoma public school library!

Last week, Ryan shared some screenshots from a graphic novel called "Now, Gender Queer" that Libs of TikTok uncovered with the likely assistance of Oklahoma's right-wing anti-public education grifters.

The work – which according to NBC is a "de facto guide on gender identity that grapples with the hardships of coming out, the confusion of adolescent crushes, and the trauma of being nonbinary in a society that largely sees gender as limited to two categories" – contains some cartoonish illustrations of oral sex, masturbation and lots of other things Kevin Stitt spends time praying about.

Check this out:

I actually agree with Ryan that books that contain graphic illustrations of oral sex – whether it's gay, straight, non-binary, or even worst, marital –  should probably be left out of Oklahoma public school libraries. That's what the Internet is for.

That being said, if Ryan really wants to protect kids from "indoctrination," aren't there some other books at the library that should really get his attention?

Just kidding. We know Ryan's all for indoctrination when it aligns with his own set of indoctrinated beliefs.

Just check this out:

Yep, the guy who's against indoctrination goes on the cable network that's indoctrinated and warped about 40% of our country's minds into believing misinformation, conspiracy theories, and quack right-wing propaganda. Good to know.

Apparently inspired by his use of social media video, Ryan's doppelganger wife – Katie Walters – put down her latte from Harbor Mountain Coffee House to complain about the video...

Well, at least I think that's his wife. She could also be Ryan's sister...

Geeze, I know there aren't a lot of genealogical branches in southeastern Oklahoma, but that's kind of creepy.  While they're at it, maybe it's time conservatives hunt down and ban indoctrinating books that promote incest?

Anyway, if Katie, Ryan, and all the other public education grifters out there are really concerned about "indoctrination" and "evil" porn being found in libraries, isn't it time they ban cell phones and the Internet from schools, too?

For example, as a guy who's interviewed Ashlynn Brooke, broke the Bibi Jones retirement announcement, and lives just a few blocks away from OKC legend Big Rich, I'm pretty sure you can find waaaaay more graphic stuff online than a cartoon illustration of a non-binary kid getting a blowie. At least that's what Clark Matthews told me.

Also, it's way easier to indoctrinate a kid with a social media video filmed in a car than with a book hidden inside a library that they will never read, and don't even know exists until you make a big deal about it.

Then again, we know this holy crusade by Walters and all his ilk really isn't to protect kids. As their policies and practices show, they don't really give a damn about them. It's more for the Evangelical anti-public school zealots who want to privatize and profit from public education, and dupe moron Derplahomans who are terrified of their kids being "indoctrinated" into the LGBTQ community into playing along.

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