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Mike Morgan ends short-lived beard experiment…

The Oklahoma weather scene is a little less brawny.

Last week, KFOR Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan wowed and teased KFOR viewers with some scruffy facial hair he acquired while vacationing with Marla.

With TV stations being just as desperate for clicks and engagement as local blogs, KFOR made sure to promote the beard as much as possible, even asking its viewers to share their thoughts:

In all honesty, Mike looks pretty good with facial hair! I'm not going as far as JoJo and saying it makes him look like George Clooney, but it's a decent look. The only problem he'll have is keeping it the same color as the hair on his head. Died beards just look weird!

Here's what KFOR Twitter followers think about the scruffage:

Sadly, the views of Twitter folk don't really matter in this situation.

Unless your name is Gan Matthews or Dino Lalli, facial hair is generally prohibited in the TV news business. I guess old people at home who still watch TV news view men with beards as being less honest and trustworthy than their clean-shaven brethren, and since TV execs want to enable and pander to the stupid phobias of their few remaining viewers, facial hair is generally nixed at most news channels.

As a result, Mike announced he is parting ways with the beard, and even threw a swinging little party at First National to commemorate it:

Screw the beard! I want to see what KFOR viewers think about Mike's new broken-button man-chest cleavage?! Let's take a closer look:

With a look like that, Mike and Marla should never have to pay a cover charge to Groovy's ever again.

Anyway, we'd like to wish a fond farewell to Mike's beard, and hope it makes a comeback someday along with his bedazzled severe weather tie.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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