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Tulsa School Superintendent shows off impressive knowledge of Oklahoma history…

Last week, as part of his ambitious crusade to defund the Oklahoma public education system, Kevin Stitt called for a special audit of Tulsa Public Schools.

Although the audit was primarily motivated by petty personal vendettas, sour grapes and campaign season political pandering, Stitt put on a good game face and alleged, without any concrete evidence, the district may have "mishandled $200 million in COVID federal relief funds" and may have violated  – gasp! – HB 1775, which "bans public schools from teaching critical race theory."

If you feel like losing some IQ points, here's a video of his announcement. It's so comically bad that it's been viewed (to the pleasure of Carly) over 1 million times:

I have no clue what's going on in Tulsa Public Schools, but I seriously doubt their leadership is engaging in a lot of corruption. Otherwise, Stitt would have already appointed them to his cabinet!

Not too long after Stitt's announcement, his Brocetery of Education Ryan Walters dropped a video where he announced he was proud to stand with Governor Stitt... while sitting in his car's driver's seat.

Uhm, does anyone know why his car's cabin was shaking in the video? Did he record it in the parking lot of Harbor Mountain Coffee Shop or something?! Yikes!

In response to the audit, Tulsa Public Schools Superintendant Deborah Gist wrote a lengthy Facebook post. She addressed the audit claims, addressed the Stitt/Walters Pac-Man Video Game Cabinet School Supply Scandal, and showed off her Oklahoma history knowledge by claiming Stitt's the most corrupt Oklahoma Governor in the past 47 years.

That's nice! I'm glad she did some actual research and determined Stitt's the most corrupt Governor we've had since David Hall. That guy was indicted for bribery and extortion in the mid-1970s, so Stitt still has some work to do to catch up. Also, we should hire Ms. Gist to write a ranking of the 10 Most Corrupt Governors in Oklahoma History! It would be interesting to see where Stitt stands.

Here's more:

It's a shame we don't live in a world where "facts" (along with critical thinking skills, intelligence and integrity) matter. Otherwise, people like Ms. Gist would be in charge of things and Stitt would be back in the world doing what he does best – making a lot of money and being banned from banking in Georgia.

Anyway, we'd like to thank Ms. Gist for the Oklahoma history lesson. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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