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Lawmaker’s wife files protective order against OCPA nutjobs…

12:32 PM EDT on June 21, 2022

Over the past couple of years, the Oklahoma GOP has been embroiled in a civil war of sorts between the traditional Republicans who want to give public education as little money as possible to functionally operate, and the ultra-wackos who want to give public education as little money as possible to functionally operate, and then funnel the money into the pockets of "school choice" advocates, charter school cronies and other government grifters.

From all accounts, the civil war is getting heated.

Some off-shoot of the OCPA – a right-wing dunce tank led by Tea Party tools who evolved into MAGA morons – has recruited and backed candidates to run against certain House Republicans who helped block The Sabotage Oklahoma Public Education Act – the grand piece of legislation that was being aggressively and unsuccessfully pushed by Governor Kevin Stitt, Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, Bro'cetery of Education Ryan Walters, and other Evangelical grifters who want to see public education in Oklahoma flounder and fail.

The candidates the OCPA recruited all seem to run on the standard mix of ultra-right-wing cultural talking points and cliches. You know the drill – "Vote for me on June 28th and I'll take down Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the woke liberal socialist Democrat groomers who send trans illegal aliens across the border to teach our children CRT in the wrong bathroom."

Here's a pic of one of these candidates, Kristen Poisson (left), along with OCPA strategist, Hallie Milner (right):

Serious question – Can any medical professional explain why and how right-wing psychosis causes some people to look like Rick and Morty characters? My hypothesis is that right-wing ideologies deform the part of the brain that controls logic and reason, creating a chain reaction that makes the rest of your face droop like a Pug. Am I onto something?

Anyway, the OCPA folks are spending a lot of time and money to get Poisson elected over incumbent Anthony Moore. In addition to campaign mailers, they've also started running misleading commercials that criticize Moore – along with a couple of other traditional Republicans – for not voting to sabotage public education in the state.

Additionally, the OCPA folks have also started harassing and threatening Moore's family. As a result, Moore's wife requested and was granted a protective order.

Check this out:

Before we continue, I just want to clarify that I'm not 100% naive here. Dirty politics is a two-way street, and it's oddly suspicious that both Moore and his wife left out the details of the threatening messages. It makes me wonder how serious the threats really were. Did Poisson and Milner actually physically threaten Rachel, or did they simply invite Rachel to an Essential Oils meeting? Either one sounds scary!

That being said, you can't just walk into an Oklahoma court and buy a protective order. Well, at least you shouldn't be able to. This is Oklahoma we're talking about, so anything's possible. But, technically, you're supposed to present evidence and a direct threat and all that fun stuff, so this could be legit. On that note, let's send a big "Fuck You" to the OCPA, Jonathan Small, Ray Carter, and all the other asshats associated with that hideous, terrible organization. Trying to sabotage Oklahoma public education from the inside by getting your grifters elected to the House is one thing, but threatening the family members of your opponents simply because they don't want already-limited public education funding to go to schools and not fall into the hands of grifters takes things too far. I hope the OCPA candidates lose and they lose often, which, sadly, probably means they'll be victorious.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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