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Cops need help finding this coward…

The coward pictured above holding a brick in an FJ-Cruiser who looks like a composite blend of all the people in the Trump supporter sunglasses meme is... well... we don't know who he is (yet), but thanks to the hard work of law enforcement, every media outlet in town, and a brave mom with a cell phone camera, I bet we'll find out soon enough.

In case you haven't seen it on social media, the dude got very mad while waiting in the Burger King drive-thru line near Covell and Santa Fe in Edmond after a mom did what pretty much all suburban moms do and checked her order at the window, meaning he'd have to wait at least 5-10 seconds to pay for his food and then wait for it.

This minor inconvenience apparently sent the man into a psycho rage. He followed the mom and her kids out of the drive-thru and out onto the road, where he stalked, harassed, and berated them before throwing a giant brick through their windshield. Here are some details from News 9:

The mother said it all started at a drive-through near Covell and Kelly.

“As she was checking her order the vehicle behind her begin yelling at her to move and she said back ‘I’m checking my food and I’ll move’. Before she was able to, he pulled out onto the median and passed her onto the road,” said Ward.

Thinking the altercation was over, she drove off.

“He pulled up alongside her and began yelling profanities at her and her children. She went on and still felt threatened by him,” she said.

Just when she thought she had lost him the dangerous situation came to a head near Santa Fe Avenue and Big Cedar.

“He had gone off out of her sight down a private drive and apparently picked up a rock there,” she said.

“He blocked both sides of the road with his vehicle and as she slowed down to pass him and take the photo that is when he threw the rock at her windshield, shattering it. Glass came in on her and her children no one was harmed but obviously a very dangerous situation,” said Ward.

That's insane! I guess we should all feel lucky that he only attempted to throw a rock through the window and not his giant titanium explorer watch. That could have really caused damage!

Here are two other quick thoughts:

1. Although I called the guy a coward in the headline, it does take a weird level of psychotic courage to have the nerve to stop your car, grab a rock, and then catch up to a car with a mom and kids inside and attempt to throw that said rock through their windshield.

2. I know it's inconsequential and trivial, but there is something irrationally maddening about waiting in a slow drive-thru line, usually at Braum's, and then having the person in front of you take a few seconds to check their order. I'd compare it to the feeling you can get watching someone in front of you in the TSA line taking an extra five seconds to take off their shoes. It doesn't impact anything because you still have to likely wait for your order to be completed, but if you're in the wrong frame of mind, it can really set you off. Granted, it's not an excuse to go full psycho and then stalk a mom and her kids and throw a rock through their windshield, but it's annoying nonetheless.

Anyway, if you see this guy I guess call the cops. If you see him waiting in line behind you in a drive-thru, get out of the car and run for your life.

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