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Swadley’s Foggy Bottom Swindle to cost 300 people their jobs…

Friendly Reminder – Oklahoma Taxpayers aren't the only victims of the Swadley's Foggy Bottom Swindle!

After the state announced yesterday they were terminating their contract with the chain due to "suspected fraudulent activity," KFOR is reporting that over 300 people will lose their jobs thanks to Brent Swadley's general greed and negligence.

(Editor's Note: View all of TLO's Swadley's Foggy Bottom Kitchen coverage here.)

Curiously enough, we've learned this news thanks to Brent Swadley:

What a surprise! Swadley is trying to pin the consequences of his greed and grift on the Tourism Department, and KFOR seems to be going along with it!

Here's Brent Swadley's full statement:

“Swadley’s Foggy Bottom Kitchen is alarmed and dismayed that the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, in a letter delivered by Executive Director Jerry Winchester, has today unilaterally terminated our contract and accused us of ‘fraudulent activity’ without offering any evidence to reinforce that accusation or a chance to defend ourselves.

As a result of Tourism’s decision, we will be forced to eliminate the positions of close to 300 employees who have worked hard to make these new restaurants successful. We are heartbroken for these employees, and we will continue to defend the quality of our work against these unfair attacks on our business.”

Yep, Swadley is going the defiant route and blaming the government he allegedly ripped off to the tune of $4.5-million for "these unfair attacks on his business." Spoken like a true Trumpublican, huh?! I'm honestly surprised he didn't find a way to blame Dr. Fauci for the con, and then conclude his statement with "Let's Go Brandon."

Anyway, I would like to correct Swadley on one thing. I bet the jobless count will go even higher once the Tourism Department commences with its own internal blood-letting! Everyone who was complicit, negligent, or looked the other way in this scheme has to go.

"Yeah right, Patrick. You don't really expect Stitt to hold people accountable, do you? He only fires people if they treat a global pandemic seriously, or get in the way of his Young Presidents' plan to privatize and profiteer off state government! He'll probably just reassign people to other agencies that are ripe for a management fee plucking."

That's true, but this Swadley's Swindle is hotter than a batch of extra-spicy barbeque sauce! The media and the general public – you and I included – are eating up this saga like it's a free never-ending barbeque buffet! Stitt and Co. are going to have to pull a lot of pork from the Tourism Department carcass before the general public is full and satisfied and ready to move on to something else.

Anyway, we offer our sincerest sympathies to the good people who have lost their jobs over this. They're the real victims. Hopefully, the state steps up and helps them out, but knowing who runs things right now, that seems highly unlikely. Stitt and Co. will probably just give them a bunch of Swadley's Gift Cards as severance.

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