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Carol Stoops caught cheating on Rock N Roll tequila…

There's a scandal fermenting in the Norman area!

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we've learned that Carol Stoops, wife of Bob, has been cozying up with alcoholic beverages that are not Rock N Roll tequila.

We know this because we literally have the receipts:

Yes, it's true. Instead of staying loyal to Rock N Roll tequila, Carol Stoops is sneaking over to The Spirit Shop to stock up on Trimbach's muscat – a dry white with "a pronounced fruitiness and a characteristic bouquet of fresh grapes." What a scandal!

So, how did we get this piece of incriminating evidence???

It literally blew into the front yard of an Ogle Mole who lives in Norman!

Outside of the time that guy from the Norman Medieval Fair showed us a Regular Jim Traber baseball card he found in his front yard following a tornado and then kept in his wallet all while posing for a pic with Cardboard Jim Traber, well, it's the most Oklahoma thing ever!

Anyway, I guess you can't blame Carol for drinking something that's not Rock N Roll tequila. You can't have the chargrilled steak of tequilas every day!

That being said, as a hard-hitting journalist, I do have to ask the obvious question here – did we just catch Carol Stoops littering? I don't think we'll ever know. The Oklahoma wind is an angry beast and has a reputation for snatching receipts and other loose sheets of paper from the floorboards of unsuspecting cars and sending them flying through the air. And as we all know too well, once the receipt gets caught in a gust in a parking lot while you're loading groceries or booze into the car, well, game over – not even a Sooner defender, especially the ones who played in the last five years, can track them down.

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