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Joe Biden blew chance to take out Markwayne Mullin, according to Markwayne Mullin

Joe Biden continues to let down the Oklahoma people.

In yet another stain on his presidential legacy, we've learned President Joe Biden apparently missed "without question" his opportunity to take out Oklahoma Congressional Rep and US Senate hopeful Markwayne Mullin during the congressman's summertime commando rescue operation in Afghanistan.

Naturally, this shocking revelation is courtesy of Marcuswayne:

Second District Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Markwayne Mullin says in a fundraising letter that the Biden administration “Without question … tried to kill me” during his much-publicized trip to the Middle East last August.

“They released information about my location while I was in Afghanistan,” the letter says. “They didn’t care if I got killed. They just didn’t want anyone to know that they left Americans behind.”

The White House did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.

Seriously, can't all good Oklahomans who have been brainwashed by decades of right-wing propaganda agree that Joe Biden's presidency has been an epic disaster? From Chick-fil-A sauce shortages to missing his chance to turn Markwayne Mullen over to the Taliban, everything that's wrong in this country is 100% Joe Biden's fault, even when it's not!

Probably because he's a tough guy who's not fishing for sympathy, Mullin – a man who lied to voters when he pledged to only serve three terms as a congressional rep – slightly waked back his initial claim that Joe Biden tried to kill him:

In an email from Mullin’s campaign Thursday afternoon, Mullin changed his wording slightly, saying the Biden administration “nearly got me killed,” rather than “tried to kill me.”

He did not elaborate aside from the assertion that someone in the administration leaked information about what he was up to.

Whether the Biden administration "tried to kill him" or simply nearly "got him killed" after he voluntarily ventured into Taliban territory while carrying large amounts of cash, is a moot point. Markwayne Mullin – a proponent of personalty responsibility – nearly died after he ignored warnings and took a foolish trip to Afghanistan and it's Joe Biden's fault!!! That's a message that I'm sure will really resonate with all the Oklahoma voters who also think Joe Biden is trying to kill them with his communist policies.

In fact, I bet the other conservative white men running for Jim Inhofe's soon-to-be-vacant seat will now have to come up with their own gripping stories about how Joe Biden nearly killed them! I bet Nathan Dahm is already working on a press release that blames Joe Biden for his decision to eat five Tide PODs in 2017.

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