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Ogle Madness XIV: Southeast Region, Sweet 16

12:00 PM EDT on March 23, 2022

Cheers, dears! We're hitting a brutal stretch of Ogle Madness. Aside from the early exit from Kelly Ogle, there are not many surprises with the Southeast Bracket, but it's gonna be a brawl seeing who gets knocked out.

Your contenders for this afternoon:

(1) Emily Sutton vs (5) Chuck Hoskin Jr.
(2) Brent Venables vs (6) Reservation Dogs

(1) Emily Sutton 

Last Round: Defeated (8) Al Eschbach's Vacation Stories 70% (261) to 30% (113)

While flying in a chariot pulled by her magical unicorns Sprinkle and Petrichor, KFOR’s severe weather princess Emily Sutton scans the Oklahoma atmosphere for disturbances, predicts and forecasts the weather, and keeps evil weather spirits at bay.


(5) Chuck Hoskin Jr.

Last Round: Defeated (4) Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 67% (250) to 33% (123)

The Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, Chuck Hoskin is a smart, strong leader, and doesn’t take any shit from Stitt.

(2) Brent Venables

Last Round: Defeated (10) The Lost Ogle 53% (195) to 47% (171)

After winning multiple National Championships as a defensive coordinator at Clemson, BV has returned to lead The Sooner’s back to the promised land after years of candy-ass football that always fell short.


(6) Reservation Dogs

Last Round: Defeated (14) OKC Gonorrhea Field Surveillance Specialist 65% (225) to 35% (126)

Brilliant award-winning FX streaming hit about four indigenous teens living the good life in rural Oklahoma. You can check out all of Louis Fowler’s episode recaps here. 

Pop those votes in, the bracket continues tomorrow!

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