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Ogle Madness XIV: Northeast Region, Sweet 16

The Ogle Madness Sweet 16 gets underway today with matchups from the vaunted Southeast Region. This bracket has been dominated by local politicians, but do they have what it takes to withstand Abigail Ogle's war hammer?

Here are the matchups:

(1) Abigail Ogle vs (5) Joy Hofmeister
(6) Mauree Turner vs (7) Emily Virgin

Vote below!


(1) Abigail Ogle

Last Round: Defeated (9) Kevin Stitt’s Tulsa Mansion 86% (352) to 14% (59)

The Queen of the Oklahoma City News Media, Abigail Ogle – daughter of Kevin – is an evening anchor for KOCO Channel 5, Lady of the Riverlands, and holder of the family sword – Late Breaking. Her hobbies include reading the Art of War, hunting big game, and repairing old teleprompters.


(5) Joy Hofmeister

Last Round: Defeated (4) St. Vincent 62% (255) to 38% (158)

State School Superintendent who recently switched from Republican to Democrat and is now running for Governor of Oklahoma in 2022, which I’m sure she’ll talk about on The Lost Ogle show later this year.

(6) Mauree Turner

Last Round: Defeated (3) Garth Brooks 51% (220) to 49% (213)

Progressive State Rep for OK-HD88 who is the only non-binary Muslim they/them to serve in the Oklahoma legislature.



(7) Emily Virgin

Last Round: Defeated (2) Katelyn Ogle 63% (261) to 37% (164)

Once a leader of the famed nubile brigade of Virgin Supporters, Emily is a long-time – yeah, we’re old – Oklahoma State Representative who provides a rare voice of reason and sanity at the Capitol, and on The Lost Ogle Show.

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