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Ogle Madness XIII: Midwest Region, Second Round

It's our final batch of matchups from the Second Round of Ogle Madness!

(1) Breea Clark vs (9) The Gathering Place
(4) Reba McEntire vs (5) Milk Bottle Building
(3) Mike & Marla Morgan vs (11) Del Rancho
(2) Lacey Swope vs (7) Bill Hader

Who will go home lost and dejected and who will make the Sweet 16? Only you can decide. Vote below...

(1) Breea Clark

Last Round: Defeated (16) Kelly Lynn 90% (466) to 10% (50)

The mayor of Norman and reigning Ogle Madness XIII champion. Before becoming the youngest female mayor in Norman’s history, she was the director of the JCPenney Leadership Program at OU. Take that, Kohl’s leaders!



(9) The Gathering Place

Last Round: Defeated (8) The Gathering Place Coffee Co. 50% (232) to 50% (229)

A litigious park in Tulsa full of fun for the whole family to enjoy!



(4) Reba McEntire

Last Round: Defeated (13) Red Neck Yacht Club 78% (383) to 22% (107)

The Queen of Oklahoma, Reba is a country music star and CW legend.


(5) Milk Bottle Building

Last Round: Defeated (12) Mayor McSelfie 70% (345) to 30% (148)

Built in 1948, the Milk Bottle remains a bizarre landmark from old route 66.



(3) Mike & Marla Morgan

Last Round: Defeated (14) Brad & Michelle Boles 80% (385) to 20% (94)

Longtime sweethearts, Mike and Marla Morgan are the first couple of the Oklahoma weather media, I can be seen swinging around local bars like Junior’s, Lobby Bar and Sushi Niko.


(11) Del Rancho

Last Round: Defeated (6) Braum's 50% (221) to 50% (217)

Home to sandwiches that cannot be contained by a bun and proud partner of Oklahoma’s #4 ranked obesity rate. Home of “The Original Steak Sandwich Supreme,” it’s still an excellent spot to take any visitors from out of town for an authentic Oklahoma dining experience.



(2) Lacey Swope

Last Round: Defeated (15) Jackson Lahmeyer 93% (444) to 7% (33)

Channel 9 meteorologist and former Ogle Madness Champion. When not giving you weather updates she can typically be found in the Oklahoma wilderness practicing for the next season of Alone.


(7) Bill Hader

Last Round: Defeated (10) Storme Jones 65% (315) to 35% (167)

This Tulsa native is an SNL alum and star of HBO’s “Barry.” He holds the record for most impressions ever done on SNL, but perhaps his best impression is pretending not to be from Tulsa like an idiot is some book.



Let's keep the voting rolling, cuz it's only gonna get crazier. Tomorrow we'll roll into the Sweet 16!!!

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