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Right Wing Trucker Convoy Raises Money For Oklahoma Turnpikes…

If you follow the local news, and if you read this site you probably do, I bet you're aware that The People's Caravan – an idiocratic brigade of right-wing truckers, yahoos, and derpee-doos – passed their way through Oklahoma yesterday as they trekked from California to DC to protest pandemic-related mandates that, at last check, are being phased-out all over the country.

Although these truckers, trolls, and indoctrinated lemmings are not fans of government overreach and mandates, they gleefully and happily supported Oklahoma's evergrowing and increasingly mandated turnpike system, taking the Kilpatrick through Oklahoma City and then the Turner up to Tulsa:

If you ask me, the only thing dumber than driving a big rig across the country to protest public health measures that were enacted during a global pandemic that's killed over 1-million Americans is standing on a highway overpass to applaud the truckers like they're Al Cowlings driving a white Bronco.

Naturally, that's what thousands of Oklahomans did. They flocked to the highway like a truck stop sex worker looking for a quick buck, and cheered on the truckers with their favorite signs, guns, and flags:

Honestly, I'm surprised there were not more Confederate Flags. I'm pretty sure that's the official flag of Broken Arrow now.

Anyway, I guess the truckers camped out at the world's largest McDonald's in Vinita last night, and if they're not already, will use the Will Rogers Turnpike to leave the state. Although I think their cause is stupid and very unoriginal, and is being done more to feed attention-seeking right-wing egos than achieve anything useful or practical, I would like to thank them for using our turnpikes, which will, in turn, give the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority more money to grab land from hardworking patriots in rural Oklahoma.

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