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The TLO Guide to Buying Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts

Even with Valentine’s Day being less than a week away, I am sure I am among a plethora of partnered Okies who have yet to buy their sweetie something sweet. Buying a gift for Valentine’s Day is difficult

1. Because we’re still financially recovering from Christmas occurring six weeks ago and,

2. Valentine’s Day gifts take a lot of thought.

Because presents can say a lot more than “I spent $20 on a pink stuffed bear and Walmart bouquet so you don’t get mad at me,” we’ve created a handy-dandy guide to buying meaningful gifts for your Valentine. So here’s a list of 8 gifts to get-and what they mean!

Something Lacey from Patricia’s

Picking up some pretties from Patricia’s means, “I want to love you all night long,” as much as it means, “I want to be able to afford the 4:00 PM Valentine’s Day Melting Pot reservations.”

A Long Weekend at the Artisan in Sulphur

A long weekend at this spa/resort/casino is the perfect gift that says I want the romance to last for more than one day a year. It also tells your partner that they were on your mind way before Valentine’s Day, if you are able to book it in time. But most of all, it says, “I want a romantic getaway with you.”

A Long Weekend at the Durant KOA

This gift also says, “I wanted a romantic getaway at a casino…but February snuck up on me.”

A Valentine’s Day GIF NFT

It says the relationship is at least going in a direction that makes you want to acknowledge Valentine’s Day, but you aren’t committed enough to add the “t” to gif.


Official Oklahoma Lottery Tickets

This quirky gift means, “I like to have fun with you!” as much as it says, “There’s a 1 in 600,000 chance that I will drop to a knee to propose tonight.”

A Box of Bedré Fine Chocolates

A box of these delectable delights says they’re worth the effort of making the trip to Davis to treat them this Valentine’s Day…or you had to think quickly on your way back from your buddy’s bachelor party in Dallas last weekend to make up for the “poor service” that kept you from texting back until Sunday.

Reba McEntire’s “Just a Little Love” Album on Vinyl

This is the most serious gift on the entire list. Gifting a Reba album is more serious than any box of chocolates or engagement ring when it comes to devotion. When you give the “Just a Little Love” vinyl, you are giving a partner your heart, soul, and permission to write at least a dozen key of G songs about your triflin’ ass if you ever leave them.

A Hobby Lobby Gift Card

A Hobby Lobby gift card may seem like a great way to tell your romantic partner, “I think you’re a great roommate.” But as we’ve outlined before in our list of the sexiest things you can buy at Hobby Lobby, it can also mean “I value your rockin’ body as much as your pinterest board.” This is because the gift card can buy you enough candle wax, silicone, and chocolate sauce to make the sultriest, sauciest, steamiest DIY Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had.


Hayley knows what she's getting her sweetie for Valentine's Day. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek and become a contributing member of TLO here.

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