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Do over: Oklahoma lawmaker wants to void registered voter statuses for Oklahomans

11:08 AM EST on January 25, 2022

I’m sure a lot of people have something that they would like to “do over.”

Whether it was taking that job in Dallas, declining that third turkey leg on the second (and final) date at the Oklahoma State Fair, or taking an extra 37 seconds in the voter booth in November 2017 instead of straight-ticket voting some businessman into the governor’s seat, I am sure there are a lot of decisions Oklahomans wish they would re-do. But as JW Gustafan said in the 1995 classic romantic comedy, Grumpier Old Men, “you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first” and one Oklahoma lawmaker is done wishing.

In fact, Hominy’s esteemed Representative, Sean Roberts, is actually giving Oklahomans a chance to do something over again: register to vote.


A newly filed bill would require all voters in Oklahoma to re-register with the state before the end of 2023 or lose their local voting status.

House Bill 3677, filed by Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, says all voters in the state of Oklahoma must reregister with their local county election board by December 31, 2023.

If any voter fails to reregister by that date, but meets the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requirements, they will be placed on a ‘Federal Election Only’ list and will not be eligible to vote in any state election.

Sean Roberts, who is known for his greatest hits such as “let’s make it easier for teachers to carry guns at school,” referring to vaccine mandates for hospital workers as “medical tyranny,” and wishing everyone a “Let’s Go Brandon” at the Hominy Christmas Parade, now seems to be laser-focused on making it more difficult for people to vote protecting the integrity of local elections by making sure only US citizens get the chance to vote.

Because everyone knows that Oklahoma is facing an epidemic of non-citizens who would gladly risk deportation, prison time, and a $10,000 fine to cast their useless vote in their gerrymandered local district.

Here’s more on the protections this bill will provide…

In order to reregister, Oklahomans must provide the following:

• Proof of United States citizenship

• Proof of current residence

• The same information necessary to acquire a REAL ID

Reports have found that requiring proof of citizenship makes it more difficult for impoverished folks to vote and in some states these "citizenship" requirements have led to discrimination against non-white voters. Plus, I'm sure many people won't find out they need to reregister to vote until they show up to the election booth-in a state that does not allow same-day voter registration. So I guess if by protections you mean “protect the Oklahomans from actually being able to elect a representative who accomplishes more than making the TLO front page,” Sean Roberts is actually doing something productive.


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