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Nathan Dahm introduces more wild and crazy bills…

Although the 2022 legislative session is still weeks away, Broken Arrow State Senator – and Oklahoma US Senate Candidate – Nathan Dahm is in regular-season form.

Perhaps galvanized by his surprising second-place finish (9%) in US Senate polling – or enthralled by all the newlywed sweater sex he's been having – Oklahoma’s most lovable right-wing loser has introduced some impressive bills that will make all MAGA men and women proud.

One bill he filed would stop “political prisoners” from being transported through Oklahoma by land, air, and, of course, sea. And by political prisoners, he means rioters who haphazardly tried to overthrow the US government in January of 2021.

From KTUL:

Sen. Nathan Dahm said he filed a bill because he feels like the federal government is violating people's rights. "I wanted to make sure to stand up for the people that are suffering from these, what appear to be political prosecutions," he said.

 The bill would prevent federal agencies from taking those people through Oklahoma, even just through the airspace.

In his constant quest to prove his dad wrong, he also authored a couple of bills that would divert Coronavirus funding to, yep, you guessed it: them scoundrels down at the Mexican Border!

Yesterday, Dahm proposed Senate Bill 1228 which would “send federal coronavirus relief funding that Oklahoma received to border states to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border” as well as Senate Bill 1231 which would “power to the governor to send Oklahoma National Guard members to border states to help them secure their portion of the southern border.”

From KOCO:

"With these bills, Oklahoma will be able to help secure the border and stop the massive influx of human trafficking, illicit activities, and illegal immigrants," state Sen. Nathan Dahm said in a news release. "Several states have already sent their law enforcement personnel to help secure the border. This will clarify existing law to ensure the governor has additional authority to send members of the National Guard to those border states that need the support."

Much like a confused teenager that erotically stares at his collection of Donald Trump pin-ups in the middle of the night, Dahm, like many Oklahomans, are absolutely willing to give our valued coronavirus money to, ostensibly, Texas because, honestly, that’s where they want to be.

It’s sad but, knowing Oklahomans, it’s definitely par for the course.

And, as for that coronavirus money, as Omicron sends even the healthiest people to the hospital, they all seem pretty determined to let even their on-brand worshippers suffer in this season of sickness. Sure, many might die, but at least we get to keep the fucking Mexicans out, right?


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