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2021 Year End

TLO Year End: October 2021

10:46 AM EST on December 30, 2021

The TLO 2021 Year End continues with a look back at October.

Once again, this feature is free and open to everyone, but if you want to make some non-tax deductable (unless you own a business) giving, feel free to enroll as a Lost Ogle Member / Subscriber / Mole.

To October we go...

The Z-Team: Kevin Stitt plays tough guy at the border

Date: 10/8/21

What We Said: Instead of trying to, you know, actually help the state that he was (somewhat) elected to run, Gov. Kevin Stitt was apparently in Texas this week, on another useless taxpayer-funded field trip, this time to the Southern border to, officially, learn about the illegal drug trade, but, unofficially, to strap on a bulletproof vest and look as butch as possible for photographers.

Best Comment: Sometimes I really like your site, but mostly I find it a real turnoff. You’d be a lot more credible if you were a lot less snarky and sophomoric.

Kevin Stitt poses as OU football fan…

Date: 10/11/21

What We Said: Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt went to Texas last week to take some photos at the southern border, and pander to people in his party who are racist and hate immigrants.

While he was in the area, Stitt conveniently hit two birds with one pandering stone and moonlighted as an OU football fan to appease crimson-clad Oklahoma voters. He even went full Ric Flair when OU scored the game-winning touchdown!

Best Comment: As an OSU fan and alumni, I can honestly say you can have him.

Lincoln Riley punishes local media for getting scooped by OU student newspaper

Date: 10/14/21

What We Said: Kudos to the OU Daily reporters for having the nerves to pull off this journalistic stunt. I have a lot of pals in the OU sports media world, and I don’t think any of them have the balls to grab a pair of binoculars, spy on practice, and then report what they saw.

Best Comment: I love it when someone like a student newspaper or TLO scoops Big Media. Competition keeps everyone on their toes. That’s the original design of capitalism when the market isn’t controlled by just a few huge players.

The 10 Worst Jobs in Oklahoma City…

Date: 10/19/21

What We Said: A few weeks back, David Holt – our overly positive, cheery to the point of annoyance mayor – proudly boasted on Twiter that Oklahoma City has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, making it even harder for places like the Oklahoma County Health Department to hire a gonorrhea field surveillance specialist.

As we know, the unemployment rate is often a cherry-picked stat that doesn’t tell the whole story about an area’s economy, but either way, there’s nothing wrong with the mayor cheerleading and ignoring context. I think that’s what he does best!

Anyway, with OKC having such a low unemployment rank, it obviously means lots and lots of people in our state are stuck with shitty, terrible jobs that they probably can’t afford to quit.

Best Comment: Thank gawd for the pc police spreading wokeness across the interwebs. Make sure to hit every article comment section so you can try to crush any signs of non-pc humor, and more importantly feel good about yourself and your sadly mistaken belief in your moral superiority.

Did an improper “friendship” lead to the OSDH leadership exodus?

Date: 10/26/21

What We Said: Back in February of this year, I started hearing chatter via the Ogle Mole Network that Frye and Lepard – two members of Leadership Oklahoma Class 32 – had developed a very open and noticeable, shall we say, “bond.” I briefly alluded to it here when we broke the news about Stitt’s general counsel having an affair with a married lobbyist.

Over the past few months, the dispatches regarding Frye and Lepard’s bond started to really pick up, with one high-level Ogle Mole claiming the duo was observed getting “handsy” at the Broadway 10 Chop House in Downtown OKC – the local after-hours hangout for lawmakers, lobbyists and political grifters.

Best Comment: It’s interesting to see a Lepard actually change spots. Please keep us updated, TLO.

10 lesser-known Oklahoma laws that take effect on Monday

Date: 10/28/21

What We Said: For a bunch of folks who don’t like the government telling them what to do, our esteemed lawmakers sure love to create new laws!

Earlier this week, The Oklahoman took a look at some of the 350-odd laws that go into effect on November 1st. Some of them may benefit Oklahoma society, but for the most part, they’re usually mix of pointless designations and unconstitutional anti-abortion and anti-immigration regulations to make sure our state doesn’t get too much better.

Unsurprisingly, there are also a few kooky ones* that will soon be on the books. In fact, here are 10 lesser-known Oklahoma laws that take effect on Monday!

Best Comment: I heard that “Oklahoma, Home of Joe Exotic” has been selected as the new state motto.

Spaghetti Monster: From Closed Haunted House to Open Pasta House in Bricktown

Date: 10/28/21

What We Said: I entered into the restaurant, the overly cheerful hosts in black clothing, like a gleeful mortician’s assistants, seemed happy to help me in whatever way possible. Electing to eat in the bar upstairs, as I took the flight of stairs up, I noticed there was an old trolly car, one that looked very much like the vaunted one that sat in the middle of the Spaghetti Warehouse. I guess they’re really trying to arouse those long-forgotten memories.

Best Comment: Who hates you enough to have made you go in there?

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