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2021 Year End

TLO Year End: May 2021

Our 2021 Year-End feature continues with a look back at the month of May. Enjoy!


Oklahoma Lawmakers make it a crime to send a “Hello Honk” to bicyclists…

Date: 5/6/21

What We Wrote: Whenever I pass someone on a bicycle, I – like most OKC motorists – rev the engine, honk the horn and give a “big friendly” wave. It doesn’t matter if they’re pedaling around Lake Hefner, coasting through the rural’esque backroads of Eastern Oklahoma County, or simply taking up the entire right lane during rush hour on N. May Ave., it’s something I do every time. You know, because it’s nice!

Cyclists – being the cold, sad and deeply disturbing people they are – rarely respond kindly to this friendly gesture. Instead of smiling and waving back or giving a big thumbs up, they’ll shake their fist, flip me off or sometimes even rudely leap off their bicycle and roll into a drainage ditch. They’re such primadonnas.

Best Comment: So if you felt threatened by a group of cyclists for some reason you could probably run them down without consequences but you can’t honk at them?

Country Meat: A Long-Awaited Lunch at the Butcher BBQ Stand

Date: 5/6/21

What We Said:

Well over a year ago, when pandemics like Covid were barely a dripping-wet newborn calf, Patrick asked me to go out and try the famed Butcher BBQ Stand, 3402 OK-66 in Wellston, interested if the accolades and awards they’ve accrued were well earned, at least by my gelatinous gullet. Of course, I missed my opportunity then.

Famously featured on the TLC (and eventually Destination America, whatever that is) television show BBQ Pitmasters, Butcher BBQ gained fans from all over for their winning meats and sides courtesy of David Bouska and his son Levis, earning a sauce-covered name in Oklahoma for their roadside stand.

Best Comment: The Butcher BBQ Stand and Clark Crew BBQ are Oklahoma BBQ elite. It should be a rite of passage as an Oklahoma Foodie to eat once at both places in your lifetime.

Report: Don’t Wear Short-Shorts To Frontier City

Date: 5/13/21

What We Said: Intrigued by all the clickable possibilities that a story about a photogenic mom from Colorado with autism being body shamed at a theme park for wearing short-shorts had to offer, the international tabloid clickbait circuit jumped on the story like they were Daisy Duke sliding inside the General Lee. The NY Post, Daily Mail, IBT, and basically every other clickbait outlet with a pageview quota to fill filed a report.

Best Comment: When I was in high school shorts like that were the primary draw for going to Frontier City.

RIP: Norman Bear

Date: 5/20/21

What We Said: It’s time to pour a little cup of honey out for our homey.

Late last night, reports came out that a real-life black bear was spotted climbing a tree in a central Norman neighborhood. They’ve already been given a name by the Internet – Bear E. Switzer.

Naturally, the sighting quickly got the attention of social media users, law enforcement officials, and the local media. They flocked to the scene like grizzlies spotting a run of salmon, because you know – THERE WAS A BEAR CLIMBING A TREE IN NORMAN!!!

Best Comment: Just when I think there can’t be any more stupid in one of the reddest state in the union, The Lost Ogle finds something again to keep us competitive. I really have no words.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter files for divorce

Date: 5/26/21

What We Said: We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter has filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 40 years, Cheryl Hunter.

Although it’s still not available on OSCN, we acquired a copy of the divorce petition he filed on 5/21/21.

In the document, he claims “that a state of complete and irreconcilable incompatibility has arisen” and that it’s “destroyed the legitimate aims of the marriage.”

(Update: Minutes after our story published, Mike Hunter announced his resignation.)

Best Comment: “Mike Hunter.” If you say it fast enough, the joke writes itself.

See Also: More scoop on the Mike Hunter divorce, affair and resignation…

7 reasons why The Lost Ogle is basically a church…

Date: 5/10/21

What we said: Good news, my friends! Last month, Senate Bill 368, otherwise known as the “Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act,” was signed into law. This new law deems churches and other religious institutions as “essential organizations” and aims to prevent their closure in the case of something like a goddang global pandemic.

In the past, we at TLO haven’t been too thrilled with religious organizations getting special privileges. But since then, we’ve seen the light and realized we’re not so different. In fact, here’s 7 reasons why The Lost Ogle is basically a church!

Best Comment: The Holy Ogle? Another deity that no one can prove does not exist.

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