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Norman Senator takes on sexy library books!

9:22 AM EST on December 20, 2021

When I was in public school some twenty-five years ago, there were absolutely nothing on sexual intercourse—straight or otherwise—in the library.

Well, outside of a pamphlet based on a filmstrip featuring Bill Cosby that we watched one time in health class. I don’t remember much about it, because I got sent out into the hallway as I kept referencing Gordon Gartrelle-designed condoms.

Times have changed though, and Norman school libraries are now apparently one step below a Patricia's magazine rack, housing the sleaziest, sickest and probably coolest material that children can check out for two weeks at a time.

At least that’s what I’ve crassly inferred from State Senator Rob Standridge.

A notorious Republican from Norman who looks like the type of guy you’d expect to hang out in school libraries all day for the purposes of “research,” Rob believes the indecent materials have become such an erotic problem in our virginal schools that he’s filed a Senate bill in the hopes of ridding our schools of decadent, delicious filth that covers sex, sexual preference or – gasp! – gender identity. For added measure, he also filed a more racist one regarding college kids being forced to take “diversity” classes.

From KFOR:

The first, Senate Bill 1142, prevents schools from having or promoting books that address sex, sexual preferences and gender identity in Oklahoma schools.

“I think schools should focus on math and science and reading and those topics that taxpayers expect their money to be paid for,” said Sen. Standridge. “I don’t think that’s the place for teaching sexual orientation and sexual identity.”

Before we continue, this would probably be a good time to point out that Standridge filed a bill last year to allow Oklahomas to sue social media companies for "censoring" free speech. I guess that means that Standridge is one of those guys that only wants the government to "censor" stuff.

The second, Senate Bill 1141, focuses on higher education. It prohibits colleges from mandating students to take courses that are not a core requirement.

“Let them take the courses specific to their degree,” said Sen. Standridge. “We should treat them as adults. If they want to take the diversity class or whatever class it is that the new woke culture is pushing on them at OU. They can opt to take that, but let’s don’t force them.”

While both those bills are deeply troublesome for a whole myriad of reasons, don't worry. Stanridge only wants to ban books. He still thinks you should be able to discuss the topics, preferably while whispering in the dead of the night while dodging the thought police and Standridge's online militia...

Sen. Standridge did clarify to News 4 that the object of the bill is to keep certain books out of the library, not to outlaw discussion.

Whew. That's good to know. It's not like that what they always say as they toss books on the fire, isn’t it?


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