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Kevin Stitt gets fancy new propaganda backdrop…

Say what you want about Kevin Stitt, but he's an expert when it comes to using his communications team to produce Oklahoma taxpayer-funded re-election video propaganda!

Most of the time, these videos, which – much like Stitt himself – lack substance or reasoned thought, are filmed in his office between an American and Oklahoma flag, and usually find a way to shit on Mr. Booogieman Biden.

I don't know if Stitter's gotten bored with that set-up, or if his propaganda auteurs are just trying out something new, but in his latest taxpayer-funded propaganda video, Stitt's ditched the closed-shutters and confines of his office for the more open and free podium-in-a-marbly-looking-building look.

Although the echo gives it way, I think he wants us to believe he's giving an address to important people in a room or something:

Outside of the hysterically hypnotically message that Stitt now suddenly cares about protecting the rights of the minority from those of the majority, I think my favorite part of the Stitt video is how it splices in Walking Dead visions of Zombie Joe Biden. It's almost like Carly Atchinson told the director to make Biden look as scary in the one that chases her through her nightmares...

Anyway, I wonder when Joy Hofmeister's going to follow Stitt's lead on this? You have to admit, one of the big advantages of having your own communications department is to be able to slyly use their resources for your own personal reelection campaign. Hell, I can see Joy right now sitting at a big desk with an apple on it that's conveniently located in front of a chalkboard, talking about how Governor Stitt opposed teacher pay raises. If that's the route she goes, let's just hope they use a good Zombie Stitt photo. You know, something like this:

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