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Kevin Stitt poses as OU football fanโ€ฆ

As Louis mentioned on Friday, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt went to Texas last week to take some photos at the southern border, and pander to people in his party who are racist and hate immigrants.

While he was in the area, Stitt conveniently hit two birds with one pandering stone and moonlighted as an OU football fan to appease crimson-clad Oklahoma voters. He even went full Ric Flair when OU scored the game-winning touchdown!

Check out this video:

To quote Mike Gundy, that makes me wanna puke!

In case you didn't know, Kevin Stitt is a hardcore OSU sports fan. In fact, he's such a hardcore fan that the theatre room in his on-the-market Tulsa mansion displays select OSU regalia he probably won at a booster charity auction.

Do you see any OU stuff in that room? Just a like a high profile recruit responding to an OSU scholarship offer, the answer is "No."

Seriously, what a fake poser. I can handle Stitt lying about his accomplishments, Coronavirus death totals, and other political topics, but pretending to be a fan of a team just to score brownie points with OU fans takes things to a new low. As a life-long OU fan, I have more respect for the dude in Titanic who dressed up as a lady to get on the lifeboat than I do for Kevin Stitt putting on an OU football shirt and hooting and hollering on the sideline.

"But Patrick! Isn't it possible to be a fan of both OU and OSU?! Stop complaining!"

Ehh. Maybe.

I can see how some hardcore OU fans can also root for OSU. Let's be honest, it is sometimes fun to pull for the hapless underdog that hasn't won anything of significance since they took home the 1945 national title in 2016. But the hardcore OSU fans I know and respect would never-ever-ever cheer for OU to win a game! It goes against their religion. It would be total blasphemy! They get more joy out of the Sooners losing a football game than they do sneaking away with their third cousin at a family reunion!

On the topic of sneaking away...

If you put Regular Jim Traber's truth serum in Kevin Stitt, I bet the Governor would admit he felt a bit icky and gross wearing an OU football shirt, and having to cheer when Caleb Williams galloped 66-yards for a touchdown on fourth and 1...

Or when Marvin Mims caught that acrobatic tip-toeing touchdown pass to almost tie-up the game...

Or when Kennedy Brooks broke free for a game-winning touchdown...

Then again, maybe Kevin secretly and genuinely had a good time. You have to admit, after years of suffering through OSU football, it probably felt good to cheer for an actual winner. I'd much rather celebrate my team rallying to beat their heated rival in an epic game for the ages than moping around my theatre room complaining about something called a Squinky. Who knows? Maybe the Sooner Magic floating outside the Cotton Bowl is contagious, and Stitt's going to switch allegiances like Joy Hofmeister and officially run for reelection as an OU fan? Anything to pander for more votes, right?

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