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10-year-old wallet found in Lake Tenkiller probably reveals a time capsule…

11:04 AM EDT on October 11, 2021

Last week, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol dive team took a break from hiding behind overpasses to do a sweep of the bottom of Lake Tenkiller.

While most of the findings consisted of trash, cigarette butts and reflector sunglasses, the team did discover a wallet that was lost in 2011. Being that a whole decade has passed, that billfold is basically a time capsule at this point. In fact, here are 7 things they probably found in the wallet!

1. Ticket Stubs to a Couple of Thunder Games

The 2010/2011 Thunder season was wild and owner of this wallet loved Kevin Durant as much as he hated driving through the new road construction at the I-235/I-44 interchange that started in 2011 to get to the NBA games at the Ford Center.


Napkin with a Girl’s Phone Number

Unfortunately, you can no longer make out the 7 digits once scribbled on the clean side of the CityWalk drink napkin, but you can still kind of make out the Hotmail email address she wrote down.


Receipt for Irma’s Burger Shack

The Irma’s Burger Shack receipt may have been sitting at the bottom of Tenkiller lake for the last decade, but the hat he earned from eating the “Whatcha Lookin’ At” burger (complete with 3 hotlink grilled cheeses, two patties, and pickles) in under 30 minutes is still something he brags about.


Allstate Business Card

His Allstate agent scribbled something about earthquake insurance on the back of the card, but that seemed unnecessary for an Oklahoma resident.


A REAL ID Act Non-Compliant License

Even though the deadline for states to issue READ ID Act-compliant driver’s licenses was set for May of 2011, this guy still had a pre-REAL ID Act ID in his wallet. Hell, if he still lives in Oklahoma he probably still has a pre-REAL ID Act ID in his wallet.


Gift Card to Luby’s

Luckily for him, the gift card still has a $15.77 balance. Unluckily for him, the last Luby’s in Oklahoma closed in 2018.




Back in the day, before PayPal had a phone app and a goddang global pandemic made us skeptical of accepting a form of payment that statistically speaking had spent some time in a sweaty bra, people carried cash in analog wallets. I bet there’s like 40 bucks in there.


Hayley's husband won the hat at Irma's. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek and become a contributing member of TLO here.

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