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OK GOP launches $200 trade show booth design contest…

Are you a fan of bald eagles, the Statue of Liberty, and other patriotic cliches? Do you think the election was stolen, Trump is the true President, and insurrectionists were protecting our freedoms? Did you once design your church newsletter or work as an intern for Alotta Action advertising? If so, have we got a contest for you!

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we've learned the Oklahoma GOP – a.k.a. the political party that equates employer vaccine mandates to the Holocaust – is holding a $200 design contest for the trade show booth it lugs around to local gun shows, militia meetings, county fairs, anti-vaccine rallies, church sermons, etc.

Here are the details from the email:

As a former corporate marketing guy, there's nothing I love more than hating on a design contest. They discourage creativity, encourage moronic group think, and almost always lead to a bad result. On that note, I guess we shouldn't be surprised the OK GOP is running one.

If you ask me, as opposed to running a contest, they should have shelled $200 to the graphic designer at Fast Signs to make one. Another option would have been to just hire Shelley Landon to do it. Her flair and creativity are unmatched in the Oklahoma conservative universe, and she probably would have done it for free.

They also could have hired the lady who made the life-like Trump sculpture of Alec Baldwin. Remember that woman? She probably would have done it for free, too.

If we had a big production budget, we'd probably make our own design mockups for the competition, but we don't. Instead, here are some general design concepts that an Ogle Mole and I came up with:

- Bald Eagles Fucking
- Cross wall
- Fetus with a gun
- Giant F-250 with a Trump flag and truck nuts
- Photo of a dumpster fire
- Holocaust photo montage to remind us of horrors of vaccine mandates

If you want to design any mock-ups or your own concept design, please do. We can't afford a $200 cash prize, but if we use your submission on the site, we'll give you a FREE year-long Lost Ogle Membership. That's almost as cool as $200!

After you send your submissions our way, make sure to send them over to the OK GOP. You can even send them a "hard copy" if you want...

Anyway, we wish you the best of luck winning the GOP's contest... or making it into the one we're apparently doing now.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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