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Top 25 Oklahoma Covidiots (10-6)

We're nearing the end of our Pandemic remembrance piece – The Top 25 Oklahoma Covidiots!

TLO members can view the rest of the countdown in the links below:

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10 - 6 are below...

10. Stillwater Residents

Last May, Stillwater residents protested against the city’s mask ordinance threw a goddam hissy fit when they intimidated service industry workers with hateful language and threats while once going as far as brandishing a firearm when asked to wear a mask in a business. The hoopla led to the city of Stillwater amending its emergency order that once required citizens to wear masks in public and to Stillwater being a top-10 city for Covidiots.


9. Anti-Masker Patriot

Again, either her Facebook video was deleted or she caught wind of us TLO folk and blocked us all from viewing her posts. Whatever the case, Anti-Masker Patriot and person who definitely passed her high school civics class, Carmie Holloway, claimed she was fighting “state-sponsored terrorism” when she ripped a COVID-19 sign off of the front door of a salon after they refused to serve her when she refused to wear a mask in the establishment. If there’s anyone who knows what it’s like to be oppressed, it’s a white lady in a conservative state who has enough time in her week to go to a business day after day to rip up paper signs.


8. Jim Inhofe

This guy went into a grocery store during a goddang global pandemic to buy Corona beer hours after voting down a Coronavirus relief package. The only joke in this blurb is in the headlining name.


7. The Maskless Asshole Who Threw a Fit at Lee’s Sandwiches

A couple of months ago, some maskless asshole was filmed screaming obscenities and nonsense at the fine folk at Lee’s Sandwiches. As the hate-fueled rant prompted employees to ask him to leave, the man was prompted to accuse the staff of being “a traitor to the country” and of harassment when they asked him to stop harassing the cashier. Because when a white guy refuses to do something in the best interest of his fellow men and screams in people’s faces for no goddam reason, he’s exercising his rights or free speech or some shit.


6. This Tulsa Anti-Masker Business Brigade

Last summer, a group of Tulsa business owners, including the profiteering hosts of something called a ThriveTime radio show Robert Zoellner and Clay Clark, filed a lawsuit against the city for implementing a mask mandate claiming that masks restrict oxygen and are thus unsafe to wear. Now I don’t know much of biology. But I’m fairly certain that the researchers from the Mayo Clinic who did science stuff and came to the conclusion that masks are safe to wear probably know better than two business dudes who look like villains on the set of a Tim Burton-directed Batman film.


View the rest of the countdown in the links below:

25 - 21  |  20 - 16  |  15 - 11

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