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7 best places to hold an EDM concert in OKC

10:18 AM EDT on May 17, 2021

Sad news, my friends! The Oklahoma City Monster Energy Outbreak Tour 2021 is desperately in need of a new venue after the organizers failed to get a noise permit to hold the concert. The show was set to take place at the Redlands Ball Park, located behind the behavioral health hospital Oakwood Springs. Being that the hospital has an entire wing dedicated to serving combat veterans recovering from mental health concerns, it’s no wonder why Oakwood’s administrators spoke out against the EDM show.

Now, I’m no concert organizer, but I do have some EDM concert experience. One time I served as a sober companion to some friends at an EDM show that A) Started at 2:00 AM and B) Caught a bunch of trees on fire with its pyrotechnics. That being said, there are better venues around the metro to hold an EDM concert than a baseball field behind a behavioral health hospital, including…

The Zoo Amphitheatre

Back in 2015, retired game show host and neutering fanatic Bob Barker protested against the transfer of elephants from the Seattle Zoo to the Oklahoma City Zoo due to the “loud rock concerts” at the Zoo’s Amphitheatre likely bothering the elephants. Well, maybe Chai and Bamboo are more EDM fans than Judas Priest groupies. Only one way to find out.


A Walmart Parking Lot

Since the pandemic struck, most Walmarts around the metro are no longer 24-hour establishments and close around 11:00 PM as if its 1997. So, Walmart parking lots would be free for most of the night. As long as the last song wraps up before senior shopping hours begin at 6:00 AM, there’s no harm in holding the concert there.


Make it Virtual

If it’s good enough for doctor’s visits, your niece’s baptism, and Thanksgiving, its good enough for The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour.


Falls Creek Tabernacle

As I’ve written about in the past, the Falls Creek Camp nightly service is a wild party that consists of smoke machines, lasers, and a hodgepodge of young adults flailing their arms to the key of G. I’m sure Lankford’s buddies wouldn’t even notice if you organized an EDM concert in the back of the auditorium.


The Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park

I’m sure concert-goers will dig the “vibe” of an abandoned animal zoo. It’s 16 acres of land in the middle of nowhere, so there’s no one to complain about the noise. Also, since the animals have been relocated, Bob Barker should be cool with it.


Frontier City

We’re two weeks away from most metro kids being on summer vacation and Frontier City has yet to release its Summer Concert Series show dates. Maybe there’s still enough time to replace one of the washed-up late 80s pop bands or Christian cover artists with these EDM cats.


Star Wash

I'm pretty sure the Star Wash car wash one S. May makes every list like this, but this would be a perfect venue. People could rent their own VIP stall and conveniently cool down with a high-pressure blast of water (and or spot-free rinse) when the molly kicks in.


Hayley saw Skrillex, Flying Lotus, and a tree combust. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek and become a contributing member of TLO here.

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