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Top 25 Oklahoma Covidiots (15 – 11)

9:15 AM EDT on May 14, 2021

Welcome back! In a year that felt like three weeks and a decade all at once, it’s hard to keep track of everything that went down since the COVID-19 numbers started going up. Thankfully for you, we at TLO are here to help you out. Here’s more of the top 25 Oklahoma COVIDIOTS of the pandemic: #15 through #11.

Also, TLO members can view the rest of the countdown in the links below:

25 - 21  |  20 - 16

15. Mike Gundy

In April, before he went down to Texhoma for some fishing, Mike Gundy decided to share his views on the Covid-19 pandemic. Not surprisingly, they reflected those of the stereotypical guy with a mullet who watches OANN on his satellite dish in rural Oklahoma. He was ready to move on from the virus and get life back to normal because you only live once, ammright?

The comments caused major controversy in the Coronamania echo chamber. Dan Wokin from USA Today chewed him a new one in this editorial, school administrators got involved, and a few days later, Gundy issued a standard non-apology apology. - Patrick


14. Sarah Stitt

As a woman, I know the struggle of standing in well-worn corked wedges with large heels: if you let your guard down for more than 2.7 seconds on a hot summer day, you bet your sweet ass you’ll be sliding and them there toes are going to be looking over the edge of them there shoes. It’s a sweaty science fact. But as an Oklahoman, I know the hypocrisy of the spouse of the governor not following her husband’s advice of “personal responsibility” by neglecting to wear a friggin mask in Target while COVID-19 cases were rising. – Hayley


13. College Students

Both OU and OSU students were caught with their masks down last Fall when they were seen tailgating and barhopping, respectively, in the middle of a goddang global pandemic. As evidenced by a couple of my former college roommates, contagious ailments don’t always deter college students from engaging in their favorite activities. Just sayin’. – Hayley


12. Sheriff Chris West

About a week after posting this statement (Rant? Manifesto?), Sheriff Chris West decided that “hoax” that is COVID-19 was dangerous enough to cancel all visitation for inmates at his jail. Either COVID-19 wasn’t a ploy designed to take down Trump after all or Sheriff West lightened the workload of his deputies by saving them from checking-in inmates’ families so they could have enough free time to join his volunteer posse. – Hayley


11. Edmond Anti-Mask Facebook Group

Last Summer, a group of daredevilish Edmond mom's created a group to coordinate maskless shopping excursions to area grocery stores. Since our article about it, the page has been either deactivated or didn't survive a recent Facebook purge. One of the big complaints the group is that they didn't want to feel like weirdos when grocery shopping without a mask. As I said back then, the best solution for that would be to just wear a fucking mask. – Patrick 


View the rest of the countdown here: 25 - 21  |  20 - 16

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