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Top 25 Oklahoma Covidiots (20 – 16)

Our ranking of the Top 25 Oklahoma Covidiots continues today with numbers 20 - 16. You can view 25 - 21 here.

In all honesty, all the people below have resumes impressive enough to make the Top 10. Then again, you can say the same thing about half the people who live in our state.

20. Melissa Crabtree

Before she was briefly appointed to the State School Board by Kevin Stitt, this Essential Oils-peddling homeschooler mom was the leader of Enid Freedom Fighters – a group that fought against oppressive public health and safety measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 – because you know, that's what Jesus would do after putting new oil in the diffuser.  – Patrick


19. Jason Dunnington

Last May, we broke the story about now-former Oklahoma Representative Jason Dunnington backed out of a Zoom meeting with constituents so he could drink craft beer and socially undistance himself with lobbyists, babes and members of Stitt’s posse.

Because we live in the hypocritical utopia called Oklahoma, he partied with these people after sharing a series of social media posts that begged Oklahomans to shelter-in-place to be responsible and protect his immunocompromised family members…so I guess so he wouldn't have to. – Hayley


18. Sean Roberts

Last September, Representative Sean Roberts used his interim study time to educate lawmakers at the Capitol on the dangers of COVID-19…mask mandates. At the event, an anti-vaxxer ophthalmologist was invited by Sean to share conspiracy theories and baseless claims about preventing COVID-19. Like our other esteemed Republican state leaders, good ole Sean was just eager to keep Oklahoma a Top Ten State for COVID-19 infections. – Hayley


17. Nathan Dahm

We should probably rank this famed Derplahoman a few spots higher, but we don't want to help bloat his already massive ego. While many people spent quarantine learning new recipes, hobbies, or day drinking habits, Senator Nathan Dahm spent the last few months introducing a series of bills that would prevent Oklahoma municipalities from mandating mask requirements, as well as allow Oklahomans to decline to take part in contact tracing. Somebody needs to tell Nathan that giving someone the “right” to not disclose who they’ve been in contact with when carrying an infectious, dangerous disease takes away everyone else’s right to know when they’ve been in contact with someone carrying an infectious, dangerous disease. – Hayley


16. Justin Humphrey

Back in 2020, our State Representative from LaLa-Land, Oklahoma, Justin Humphrey, issued a press release praising hydroxychloroquine and blaming China for creating the virus and spreading it all over the world. To follow up all that, he then introduced a bill that would require vaccine manufacturers to disclose if the vials contained “human parts, animal parts, metals in any quantity, tracking devices, or any DNA-altering properties.” Being that it takes .3 seconds to find the entire ingredient list for each vaccine on google, I can only assume that Humphrey’s bill was to pander to conspiracy theorists, vegan constituents and bigfoot hunters. – Hayley
You can view 25 - 21 here.

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