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Oklahoma Ranks Second in Least Effective Responses to Covid!

Look out, Kentucky! The Sooner State is catching up to you…in terms of watching its own people die via the pandemic!

In a recently released study from, taking into account various factors like weekly test positivity rates, hospital admissions, vaccine distribution and so on, Oklahoma ranks second in its pandemic response, not that it’s really any surprise to the people that live here.

Here’s the official rankings courtesy of Fox 25 News:

Top-5 States with the Least Effective Response to COVID-19:

    1. Kentucky
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Georgia
    4. Utah
    5. South Carolina

I’d like to think that we are more effective than, at the very least, Georgia in taking care of this viral menace, but with Gov. Kevin Stitt’s constant braying that we’re going to be a top ten state, I guess we’re living up to it—too bad it’s a big red checkmark at the top of every terrible list in America, like being the first state to have a Covid-infected Governor.

My mother—a conservative, no less—was infected with Covid last year and deathly ill for a little over a month or so. Diagnosed at a time when the hospitals were mostly full, she had to lock herself up and wait the sickness out, either painfully staying in bed or dying in her sleep, whichever came first. It was a fearful time, never knowing if the next phone call was going to be the one to let you know that your mom is dead.

By the way…happy belated Mother’s Day!

While having the sickness did change many of her thoughts about it, apparently all it did for Stitt was to double-down on his dullard leadership, lifting or ignoring many of the recommended edicts to help quell the pandemic in Oklahoma, hurting untold numbers of people in this state, possibly even killing them, not that Stitt really gives a damn.

Sadly, many Oklahomans have been left to pick up the pieces of both the sick and the dead, with plenty still choosing to ignore pleas from science and warnings from above to instead rigorously lube themselves up to worship at Stitt’s monobrowed ballot-box of deceit, eagerly having you believe that the 7,000 dead statewide would reelect him in the next election.

But, then again, maybe they would…this is Oklahoma after all.

Regardless, this pitiful ranking is just one more joke for Utah, South Carolina and, yes, even Georgia, to mock us with nationwide disdain; to be fair though, for at least a few more weeks, we can still dog on Kentucky for their lame response…dumb Kentuckians!


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