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Nathan Duhm-Dahm doubles down on Kamala Harris sex “joke”

No offense to Shane Jett or Rob Standridge, but if you were going to post betting odds on which Oklahoma State Senator would be the next one caught blowing a teen prostitute in a south OKC interstate motel room, there's a good chance Nathan Dahm – the infamous Derplahoman from Broken Arrow – would be the heavy favorite.

Ever since Paul Scott lost reelection, the guy's basically been in a tier all by himself. We know this because...

A) Look at Him. He looks like the type of guy who has season passes to Frontier City and White Water.* He has creeper written all over him.

B) Irony. As Oklahoma politicians consistently remind us, it's a powerful predictor of someone's demise.

Last week, Duhm-Dahm – or should it be Dahm-Duhm – "comedically" re-amplified notional right-wing propaganda that claims Vice President Kamala Harris's early-life accomplishments were due in part to her blow job skills.

He first alluded to the claim in a press release about some troll legislation he filed to ban paper straws in Oklahoma:

“Hatred of paper straws is nearly universal,” Dahm said. “I’ve never met a single person who enjoys using a paper straw. They fall apart and turn to mush quicker than Joe Biden trying to string together a coherent sentence. They collapse like Mitt Romney under the slightest amount of pressure, and even with Kamala Harris … well, never mind.”

We actually touched on this in our article about the story. I called him out his lack of courage and comedic chops:

When someone ends a bit with a “Well, never mind,” it either means A) They don’t have the courage to tell the joke, B) They don’t have the mental capacity to finish a joke, or C) Well, never mind.

Well, I guess Nathan Dahm reads The Lost Ogle.

To prove that he's A) not a coward and B) still doesn't have the mental capacity to finish the joke, Duhm-Dahm awkwardly discussed the "well... never mind" in a TV news interview with KTUL's Tyler Butler. Check this out:

Just like his political ideology, Dahm's BJ "joke" is based on right-wing lies, distortion, and misinformation. I guess early in her career, Vice President Harris briefly dated a powerful Democrat in California, which the right-wing propaganda machine distorted as... well... you know.

If those same right-wing cucks had any moral character and expressed equal outrage over Donald Trump's career antics and character flaws, maybe they'd have a tiny sliver self-righteous leg to stand on, but they don't. The Harris rumors are just another batch of fabricated shit to make them feel warm and right in their warped reality. Plus, even if they are true, why do they care? You're telling me if a human offered Nathan Dahm oral sex in exchange for a job or promotion he wouldn't accept it? Yeah right.

Dahm's comments got a quick rebuke from Oklahoma Senate leadership.

“I am disappointed in Nathan Dahm’s comments about the vice president of the United States. His comments were misogynistic, disrespectful, immature, and undermine the good work of the staff and other members of the Oklahoma Senate. As the leader of the Senate, I hold senators to a high standard of conduct and decorum, and Senator Dahm completely failed to live up to that standard."

Kevin Stitt's office didn't tweet anything to admonish or rebuke Dahm. At the very least, you think they'd tweet the eye-emojis.

As I mentioned on Twitter, this isn't the first time Dahm has pissed off his Senate colleagues. In 2019, he was quietly stripped of his Senate leadership positions when he replaced a photo in the senate chambers with a framed print of Kramer as part of an April’s Fools prank. I don't know the exact details, but I'm not making it up.

After the interview, Dahm's statements spread around the social media echo chambers like an HPV infection in the Oklahoma Senate. The puritanical, intolerant-to-insensitivity left quickly admonished the State Senator for his tasteless joke, while the diabolical, alternative-reality dwelling right embraced him as a stick-it-to-the-libs hero.

Dahm, being the provocateur troll that he is, then doubled-down on social media:

Oddly enough, I actually agree with Nathan Dahm on #1 – We really don't know how fucked up he truly is. I bet every time he hears about a political sex scandal, his first thought is probably – "Whew. That could be me. I need to be careful."

Dahm also had a point with #2. Whether you're politically correct or not, I think we can all agree you're in for a bad time with Nathan Dahm. He looks about as fun as a damp pair of jeans out of the dryer. #4 was spot on, too. Just like Nathan's, your emotional opinions are irrelevant.

That being said, I do take issue with #3. I'd like to see Nathan perform an open mic set at Gary's Chicarro's before forming an opinion on his jokes.

KFOR interviewed Dahm for a recent segment. Here's what he told them:

He stood by the lewd sex joke, as well as implications Harris had slept her way through the political ranks in an interview with KFOR Friday evening.

“Her way in getting to some of her early positions and where she is now, how she was selected and chosen,” Dahm told KFOR.

“I was making a joke,” Dahm told KFOR. “I understand that some people will find it to be off-color that I would repeat a joke, but I believe that’s one of the problems that we have in society right now is that people seem to not be able to take a joke.”

I'm old enough to remember the good old days of the Internet when anyone and everyone could share a bad "off-color" joke online and not have to worry about a humorless mob trying to cancel you. Boy, those were some fun, immature days. I'd like to thank Nathan Duhm-Dahm for giving me the opportunity to relive them today with this article.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to follow this story and see what other things Duhm-Dahm has to say. You do have to give him credit for using this as an opportunity to build his personal brand with the alt-right. I don't know whose dick he'll have to suck to get there, but I can see him working on cable news someday.

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