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Ogle Madness XIII: Final Four

And here we are – The Final Four.

Overall, Ogle Madness XIII has been a thrilling ride, complete with surprising upsets, thrilling nailbiters and even some mild controversies. Now, through it all, only four entities remain.

They are:

Northeast Champion: (12) Breea Clark
Defeated: (5) Emily Virgin; (4) Lu Dort; (8) David Holt; (3) Reba McEntire


Southeast Champion: (5) Medical Marijuana
Defeated: (12) Steve Lackmeyer, (4) Lincoln Riley, (1) Marla Morgan, (2) Kelsey Kernstine


West Champion: (1) Emily Sutton
Defeated: (16) Dana Plato's Old RV, (8) Jim Inhofe, (4) Gwen Stefani, (2) Lacey Swope


Midwest Champion: (10) Milk Bottle Building
Defeated: (7) Gold Dome, (2) OKC Cock Ring, (3) Garth Brooks, (12) Scissortail Park


Voting for the Ogle Madness Final Four will run through Saturday. The Championship Game will be on Monday. You can vote below, and view the complete Ogle Madness XIII Bracket here.

Game 1: (5) Medical Marijuana vs (12) Breea Clark


(5) Medical Marijuana

Last Round: Defeated (2) Kelsey Kernstine 308 (54%) to 250 (45%) votes

Who: The booming new industry that lets us get the dank without going to some guy’s house that smells like cat pee and makes us listen to reggae

Biggest Strength: It’s legal weed, and the quality can be incredible now

Biggest Weakness: Munchies and panic attacks


(12) Breea Clark

Last Round: Defeated (3) Reba McEntire 362 (62%) to 255 (38%) votes

Who: The youngest female mayor in Norman history.

Biggest Strength: Defeating the Unite Norman C.H.U.D.S. in an election recall attempt.

Biggest Weakness: The first thing that pops up on her LinkedIn is JCPenny.



Game 2: (1) Emily Sutton vs. (10) Milk Bottle Building

(1) Emily Sutton

Last Round: Defeated (2) Lacey Swope 295 (64%) to 166 (36%) votes

Who: Oklahoma’s most beloved weatherperson

Biggest Strength: Can absolutely whip your ass in a triathlon

Biggest Weakness: Is probably too nice to actually fist fight you


(10) Milk Bottle Building

Last Round: Defeated (12) Scissortail Park 308 (67%) to 212 (46%) votes

Who: A tiny historic landmark with a massive sculpture of a Braum’s milk bottle on top that bigger than the building itself

Biggest Strength: Acting as one of the most major landmarks in the Asian district, and Oklahoma City as a whole

Biggest Weakness: You can’t get a giant bag of bahn mi sandwiches for a few bucks anymore



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