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Ogle Madness: Elite 8 (West and Midwest Region)

We're down to the final two matchups in the Ogle Madness Elite 8! The winners of these two matches will advance to Thursday's Final Four.

The West Regional Final final features a battle between two Ogle Madness powerhouses and bitter weather rivals, while the Midwest pits two Cinderellas and OKC landmarks in a dog fight for the glass slipper.

West Regional Final: (1) Emily Sutton vs (2) Lacey Swope
Midwest Regional Final: (10) Milk Bottle Building vs (12) Scissortail Park

Vote below. You can also vote in the Northeast and Southeast Regional Finals here.


West Regional Final: (1) Emily Sutton vs (2) Lacey Swope

(1) Emily Sutton

Last Round: Defeated (4) Gwen Stefani 343 (71%) to 140 (29%)

Who: Oklahoma’s most beloved weatherperson

Biggest Strength: Can absolutely whip your ass in a triathlon

Biggest Weakness: Is probably too nice to actually fist fight you


(2) Lacey Swope

Last Round: Defeated (6) David Payne 346 (72%) to 134 (28%) votes

Who: News 9 Weather personality

Biggest Strength: As long as she has her crossbow, she is fearless of 30-50 feral hogs

Biggest Weakness: Venison



West Regional Final: (10) Milk Bottle Building vs (12) Scissortail Park

(10) Milk Bottle Building

Last Round: Defeated (3) Garth Brooks 266 (58%) to 190 (42%) votes

Who: A tiny historic landmark with a massive sculpture of a Braum’s milk bottle on top that bigger than the building itself

Biggest Strength: Acting as one of the most major landmarks in the Asian district, and Oklahoma City as a whole

Biggest Weakness: You can’t get a giant bag of bahn mi sandwiches for a few bucks anymore



(12) Scissortail Park

Last Match: Defeated (1) Abigail Ogle 258 (54%) to 212 (46%) votes

Who: The massive new Downtown OKC paid for with our tax bucks.

Biggest Strength: It’s a good place to ride your bike to and drink a tallboy on the top of the hill.

Biggest Weakness: Despite how much money was drained into it, it’s still kinda ugly.



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