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Ogle Madness XIII

Ogle Madness: Elite 8 (Northeast & Southeast Regions)

We are now in the official closing stretch of Ogle Madness XIII!

After 56 matches and 25,000+ votes, only 8 Oklahoma people / places / things remain. Just like in the real tournament, the Elite 8 is a mix of favorites, double-digit underdogs and some incredible matchups.

Here's who's left:

Northeast: (3) Reba McEntire vs. (12) Breea Clark
Southeast: (2) Kelsey Kernstine vs. (5) Medical Marijuana
West: (1) Emily Sutton vs. Lacey Swope
Midwest: (10) Milk Bottle Building vs. (12) Scissortail Park

You can view the full bracket here to see how each person, substance and/or local landmark made it here.

For today's games, we feature the finals from the Northeast and Southeast region. Tomorrow will feature the West and Midwest.

Vote below to see who makes it to the Final Four.

Northeast Regional Final: (3) Reba McEntire vs. (12) Breea Clark


(3) Reba McEntire

Last Round: Defeated (2) Joleen Chaney 297 (53%) to 265 (47%) votes

Who: Oklahoma’s reigning country music queen

Biggest Strength: Outside of her music, she was in motherfucking TREMORS and had a sitcom for four years.

Biggest Weakness: She had to play Colonel Sanders in a KFC commercial.


(12) Breea Clark

Last Round: Defeated (8) David Holt 407 (64%) to 230 (36%) votes

Who: The youngest female mayor in Norman history.

Biggest Strength: Defeating the Unite Norman C.H.U.D.S. in an election recall attempt.

Biggest Weakness: The first thing that pops up on her LinkedIn is JCPenny.



Southeast Regional Final: (2) Kelsey Kernstine vs. (5) Medical Marijuana

(2) Kelsey Kernstine

Last Round: Defeated (3) Olivia Munn 281 (54%) to 243 (46%) votes

Who: News 9 morning traffic reporter

Biggest Strength: Helping people without the Internet prepare for their morning commute

Biggest Weakness: Donuts


(5) Medical Marijuana vs (2) Kelsey Kernstine


(5) Medical Marijuana

Last Round: Defeated (1) Marla Morgan 290 (58%) to 209 (42%) votes

Who: The booming new industry that lets us get the dank without going to some guy’s house that smells like cat pee and makes us listen to reggae

Biggest Strength: It’s legal weed, and the quality can be incredible now

Biggest Weakness: Munchies and panic attacks



Decide which of these underdogs you like best, and we'll have the Southeast up later today.

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