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Keanu Reeves spotted eating Ice Cream in the Plaza District

9:15 PM EDT on March 17, 2021

Here's some excellent news to brighten your day (or night).

Keanu Reeves – a famed Hollywood actor from a lot of movies I've watched, and even more that I haven't watched – was spotted in the Plaza District yesterday eating an ice cream cone, which seems like a beautiful thing to do on a soft, beautiful spring day in Oklahoma City.

We know this because people shared these photos on social media and someone tagged us in them:

You have to admit, it would be kind of cool to be hanging around town and have the dude from the Matrix movies, Speed, Bill and Ted's, Point Break, and tons of other stuff just eating an ice cream cone like it's no big deal.

In fact, every time I see a story like this, I get a little bummed and jealous. I've lived in Oklahoma City for nearly 42 years and I don't think I've ever had an encounter with a legitimate national celebrity. Now, I have walked by a couple of tall NBA players downtown, barhopped with a pair of party-loving Biggest Losers champs, and once became acquainted with a girl who was in town competing in the 1997 Kerr-McGee Elite Pro-Am swim meet, but I don't think any of those counts. I'm talking a real bonafide celebrity.

You know, like this:

I guess the obvious journalism / SEO question here is "Why is Keanu Reeves in Oklahoma? Is Keanu Reeves filming a movie in Oklahoma?? Keanu Reeves Oklahoma Ice Cream Movie Film???"

Those are great questions and Twitter isn't offering any help. I tried searching for Keanu Reeves Oklahoma, but couldn't find anything current. In fact, the only thing of note I found was this old tweet by musician Samantha Crain that opens up more questions than it answers.

I guess if anyone shares pics of Keanu doing yard work at a rundown rental house we'll know what's up.

The most obvious reason for Keanu to be in OKC would be if he was doing movie work, or perhaps visiting the new Downtown studio place, but I'm not seeing anything in the news about it. You'd think if that was the case, it would be in the news somewhere.

Some people suggested he could be in town for a Flaming Lip's concert this Friday night. Wayne Coyne lives next to the Plaza, and a Google search does reveal that Keanu was inspired by Wayne Coyne's suit wardrobe for a recent movie. We know Wayne still loves attention and mingling with celebrities, so I could see him saying "Hey, come hit me when the Pandemic is kind of over and we'll connect," and Keanu being "Sure Dude. Cool." Basically, I guess that could be a possibility. Then again, maybe the dude really wanted just some good, expensive ice cream and went to the right place for it.

Anyway, if you have any details we should know about, send us an email or whatever. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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