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White Dude Throws Anti-Mask Tantrum at Lee’s Sandwiches!

8:48 AM EDT on March 15, 2021

Recently in America, Asian-Americans have been the latest target of racist actions by angry white people, probably because of Trump and whatever racist thing he’s said recently. Of course, Oklahoma City, with its large population of Asian-Americans and far larger population of racists, hasn’t been immune to any of this, as seen last week at a popular sandwich place.

While many decent mask-wearing people were ordering their tasty banh mi sandwiches from Lee’s Sandwiches, an area institution located at 3300 N. Classen, along came a mask-less dope, screaming “You’re a traitor to the country!” and incorrectly quoting United States laws to the staff. And, if that wasn’t enough, as an worker asks him to leave, once he realizes that he’s caught on video, he starts to claim how he’s harassed, of course.

The video has been viewed lots and lots on social media.

The nameless moron definitely reaches the desired comedic effect that idiots like this seem to forever dwell in, but remember that someone real has to deal with these special kinds of idiots and, as it’s happening, there’s a true fear that runs through your body, never knowing what someone like this is going to do not only to the property, but to you as a person. It’s a fear that minorities go through every day.

Luckily, the only damage that this guy did was basically to white America itself.

With that all being said, if you’re out and about this week, whether it be at Lee’s Sandwiches or some other fine Asian District dining institution, support the hardworking people of these fine restaurants with lunch or dinner (or both!), be it with dine-in, delivery or carry out; you’ll be helping an unfairly maligned group of people that have worked to make Oklahoma City just as much theirs as it is yours.


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