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Amy McRee is back on OKC television!

12:16 PM EST on March 9, 2021

Almost a year ago today, I kicked off The Lost Ogle's Coronavirus pandemic coverage with a reflective and distractionary look back at our site's brah-stool early days, and how they contrasted with the current state of the Internet, and the Coronavirus-fueled uncertainty that lay ahead.

Specifically, I reminisced about the famed Amy McRee pink bikini photo. You know, the one of the former News 9 anchor hanging with her hot friends at Lake Arcadia while some dufus in the background tries to stomp on a fish. The pic is so entrenched in local lore that it was recently recreated with a moment twist by our current crop of frolicking TV news starlets.

In the article last year, I posed this very specific question: "What happened to Amy McRee? I bet she’s in an OKC News Alumni Book Club with Jenifer Reynolds, Heather Unruh and Uze Brown-Washington."

It took a year, but I guess we finally know the answer – she's been prepping for a return to Oklahoma City television!

After a 10+ year(!) hiatus, KOKH Fox 25 announced earlier this month that Amy McRee will begin filing a weekly lifestyle segment on Living Oklahoma – the pay-to-play morning show that once featured the intoxicating talents of Meg Alexander.

Titled "Amy's Take," I guess each Monday morning she'll come on the show and share a nutritious food recipe or exercise tip or whatever. Here's a clip of yesterday's segment that she filmed live in her kitchen. Although an audio glitch made it difficult to watch, it was nice to see an OKC news legend back on the screen:

That's pretty cool. Usually, when an anchor departs the OKC TV news scene, they only return as a car dealership spokesperson or state agency PIO. It makes me wonder if maybe Channel 25 should give segments to other OKC TV news legends.

For example, they could give Linda Cavanaugh her own gardening segment called "Strangers in My Own Garden," where she shares pest and weed control tips, or maybe hire Gary England to provide weekly right-wing political commentary in "Gary's Heat Dome." Hell, they could even locate Jack Bowen and have him do a "Wednesday's Child: Revisited," where he tracks down the foster kids that he profiled back in the 1980s and provides an update.

Anyway, I don't really know too many details about Amy's show or what her future plans are. This kind of feels like it could be an attempt by her to lay the foundation for a syndicated segment that could be picked up by other morning shows across the country. Then again, maybe she's just bored and looking for a way to promote her infrequently updated recipe blog. Either way, we wish Amy McRee the best of luck with her new television endeavor.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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