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Jimmy Kimmel lampoons KFOR’s coverage of six-legged puppy

In case you missed it, the big story to come out of Oklahoma this week was KFOR's report about Skipper – a six-legged, two-tailed, two-anused puppy that was probably born at a puppy mill on an abandoned, radioactive oil and gas site in southwestern Oklahoma.

Naturally, a clickable and sharable story about a cute, one-of-a-kind six-legged creature being born in Oklahoma quickly became a national news story, landing on websites like CNN, CBS and Fox News. The report eventually made its way to the writers room at Jimmy Kimmel Live! They pounced on it like a chew stick, focusing on an awkward exchange between KFOR reporter Cassandra Sweetman and Mike Morgan:

That cool. It's always nice and reaffirming to see someone with a bigger following than us lampoon our local new reporters and weatherman.

That being said, I doubt Mike Morgan's uncomfortable laughter had anything to do with him being weirded out by a dog "with two booties." More than likely, he's just concerned that word will get about the animal experiments he and Marla conduct at their compound. From what I've heard, their backyard is "The Island of Dr. Moreau" meets "A Day with Wilbur Robinson." They have winged monkeys, Chester Cheetahs. and even tuxedo-clad dancing frogs that ride around on Mighty Casey.

Anyway, like any person who finds themselves suddenly in the position of a six-legged dog, Skipper's owners have set up a Facebook page where you can keep tabs on her movements. We wish Skipper fortune and good luck.

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